Events coming up:


FEFRI Matters will recommence in 2014 (Mondays 9.30 am). 


19/5/14:  David Day DVC(R)  What it means to be research active

Professor David Day (PDF 839KB)





15/12/14:  visit by the Office of the DVCR


Ongoing Events

FEFRI Matters is held monthly on the third Monday of the month in the Education Building (usually at 9.30am in Room 5.34)

This forum is open to all FEFRI members and provides the opportunity to hear presentations from members and visiting researchers, and to discuss research issues.

Past Events:

Dr Peter Wigley

(Manager, Research Ethics & Integrity, Research Services Office, Flinders University)

FEFRI Matters March 31st 2014 at 9.30 am International Room 5.34 Education Building

Dr Wigley presented:

Research integrity involves the responsible conduct of research, and the handling of research misconduct.


Research Integrity The Code (PDF 238KB)

Dr P Wigley's presentation part 1

Dr P Wigley part 1.MP4

Dr P Wigley's presentation part 2

Dr P Wigley part 2.MP4


Professor Stella Vosniadou (Strategic Professor)

FEFRI Matters 24th February 2014 9.30 am International Room 5.34 Education Education Building

School of Education Strategic Professor Stella Vosniadou will discussed her research background, the directions she has taken throughout her career and her current role at Flinders as Strategic Professor.

  How students think and how they learn (PDF 2MB)


Professor David Day (DVC/Research) and DVC (R) colleagues  

Monday 16 December at 10 am – 11 am

Researchers from FEFRI were joined today by staff from the DVC (R) office:

Professor David Day
Professor Jeri Kroll
Karen Jacobs
Linda Rust
Ben Jacobs

An informative discussion continued over morning tea.


FEFRI Symposium:

'International Perspectives on Fostering Social and Emotional Wellbeing in Educational Settings'

The Flinders Educational Futures Research Institute, in conjunction with the
Centre for Student Wellbeing and Prevention of Violence and the International Baccalaureate Research Cluster held a three day Symposium:

Dates: Friday December 6th 9.00 am - 5.00 pm (please note time change)
            Key Note Presentations and round table discussions

            Saturday December 7th 9.00 am - 4.00 pm
            International Baccalaureate researchers/teachers/conference day

            December 9th 1.00 pm - 5.00 pm
            SWAPv Forum


AARE Conference 2013




Australian Association for Research In Education conference (AARE) to be held in Adelaide from the 1st - 5th December 2013.  23 Academics from FEFRI presented at the AARE conference and all were well received. 


FEFRI Matters September 16th, 2013:

Title:  Be Visible Online or Vanish!' Using the Internet to Increase Your Research Impact
(Dr Lareen Newman)

Be visible or vanish (PDF 4MB)

Dr Lareen Newman presented to the Flinders Educational Futures Research Institute on ‘Be Visible Online or Vanish - Using the Internet to Increase your Research Impact'. Lareen considers herself an ‘emerging user' of the Internet and social media for promoting and networking in relation to her research, and only started dabbling in spaces such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Scholar in the last 12 months. She talked about her concerns of using these types of spaces as an academic and share her experiences. She explained the wide variety of ways we can increase our research visibility, engagement, dissemination, reputation and impact, and how to keep track of these to add weight to CVs, next promotion or grant application.

The event was well attended (30).

Please read 'Why every scientist needs an online profile'.


FEFRI Matters August 19th 2013

Title: Open Access and quality publishing
(Professor Margaret Davies and Doctor Rebecca Vaughan)

Open Access and quality publishing (PDF 1MB)


FEFRI Matters July 8th 2013

Title:  Developing and maintaining International Research Collaborations
(Professor Antonella Brighi)

The Flinders Educational Futures Research Institute in conjunction with the Centre for Student Wellbeing and Prevention of Violence invited visiting Research Fellow Professor Antonella Brighi who presented a session on the subject of:

Developing and maintaining International Research Collaborations.

Antonella is currently the Chief Researcher for the most recent DAPHNE III (European Commission for Justice) project: ‘Turning obstacles into opportunities: investigation and intervention in six European countries' (EU funded project).

The collaborations that Antonella has led include working in teams from six international universities. This provides scope for high quality, inclusive research as well as the challenges that come from working across cultures and distance. Antonella will provide an overview of her own international collaborative research experiences as well as provide in depth knowledge about the challenges within the process. Her experience and expertise will be of benefit to those looking to collaborate internationally and/or join a worldwide research network.

Flinders and Italy form united front on cyber bullying

Developing and maintaining international research collaborations (PDF 3MB)

FEFRI Matters April 8th 2013

Title: What drives the Media?
(Vincent Ciccarello - Journalist Marketing and Communications Office)

Abstract: Vincent provided an overview of what drives the media; the six fundamental journalistic questions; and what constitutes ‘news values'. He also explained how to write a media release and presented some basic interview techniques.

Demystifying the media (PDF 3MB)

FEFRI Matters March 4th 2013


Title: Things to know about preparing your Flinders research ethics application.
Carolyn Palmer and David Curtis – Research Ethics Committee)




School of Education Post Graduate Research Seminars

A/Prof Helen Askell-Williams presented:

Young children's mental health outcomes: Evaluation of an Australia-wide 2-year mental health promotion initiative in Early Childhood and Care settings

Research Team:

Professor Phillip Slee; Professor Rosalind Murray-Harvey; Dr. Katherine Dix;
Dr. Grace Skrzypiec; Emeritus Professor Michael Lawson; A/Prof Helen Askell-Williams; A/Prof Susan Krieg

Date: August 15th 2013
Time: 12 - 1 pm (morning tea from 11.30 am)
Place: International Room 5.34 Education Building



In this presentation we report on a longitudinal evaluation of the KidsMatter Early Childhood Mental Health Promotion and Early Intervention initiative in 111 Early Childhood Education and Care services across Australia. We used a mixed method approach to data collection and analyses, including questionnaires and photo-stories. Data was collected on four occasions over two years from all parents and staff of children aged between 1 and 5 years who were in child-care for 10 hours or more per week. We used measures of temperament (Prior et al., 2000), child-staff relationships (Pianta, 2001) and mental health strengths and difficulties (SDQ, Goodman, 2005). In addition, we collected data on the quality of implementation of KidsMatter, and about staff's perspectives of the impact of KidsMatter. Our analyses showed that the qualitative responses from participants and results from multilevel modelling of the questionnaire data, both indicated that there were practically significant improvements in children's mental health and wellbeing. This included 3 per cent fewer children receiving scores in the borderline and abnormal ranges of mental health difficulties as measured by the SDQ. Discussion will focus on the implications of the findings for policy and program initiatives regarding young children's mental health.


Research Mini-Week: July 15th-17th, 2013.

The School of Education Dean's Advisory committee, with the approval of the Dean, nominated three days to be free of meetings and other administrative and teaching duties, to enable FEFRI members to focus on research and publication.

Post Graduate Scholars Conference (PGS13) 

Date:  June 24th 2013

Key-note address by Assoc. Prof David Giles.

Conference programme  PGS conf programme 2013 (PDF 956KB)




Archived Events



A Professional Development Day: George Couros

Date:  October 29th 2012  

George Couros fascilitated a one day Professional Development event with the School of Education.


FEFRI Annual Conference

The Flinders Educational Futures Research Institute (FEFRI) Annual Conference  was  held on Monday, 19th November 2012 at the School of Education, Flinders University.  Click on the link for more information. FEFRI 2012 conference (PDF 123KB)



International Baccalaureate Symposium

A Flinders University IB Symposium was held on November 23rd and 24th 2012

IB Symposium flyer (PDF 402KB)



Twighlight Seminars

The Southern Schools Research Group hosted the first in what we anticipate will be an ongoing series of collaborative 'twilight' research meetings, each highlighting a specific research method/methodology. On Monday July 5th, (from 4:30 - 6pm in the International Room 5.34), the Southern Schools Group presented six, ten-minute presentations focusing on "interviews" as a key research technique. The six researchers provided a wonderfully diverse window onto the world of interviewing. Their approaches ranging from quantitative survey research through to post-structuralism. The night was very well attended, the ensuing discussion was lively and everyone enjoyed a beverage and light snack. Look out for our next twilight seminar which we hope to run in September 2010.


Educational Futures Supports Research Higher Degree Students

On Tuesday 30th June, the School of Education in association with the Centre for the Analysis of Educational Futures held a one-day conference for postgraduate coursework and research higher degree students. The conference was designed to provide students of the School of Education the opportunity to put their research in the public forum for discussion and exchange ideas with colleagues and staff. 


Vice-Chancellor includes Educational Futures in Top 10

At his Town Hall meeting on 26th March, the Vice-Chancellor of Flinders University Professor Michael Barber revealed the 10 research groups that are now the University's nominated Areas of Strategic Research Investment (ASRIs).



SHAPE Primary Years Conference

On August 3rd 2009, Flinders University played host to the SA HPE Primary Years conference.

The Conference, which was held in the new room of the Sturt Gym, was attended by 116 delegates.

Shane Pill, Lecturer in Physical Education in the School of Education at Flinders University, gave the keynote presentation.

Shane was joined by fellow academics Associate Professor Murray Drummond, also from the School of Education, and Dr Claire Drummond from Flinders Prevention, Promotion and Primary Health Care.