Presentations for 2015

FEFRI Matters presentations in 2015 will be held on Fridays, 9.30-10.30am in the International Room, 5.34, Education building, on the following dates:

  •  6 March - Professor Margaret Davies: Where should I publish?
  • 10 April - Dr Anthony Leow: Capacity building of PE Teachers in Singapore: Enhancing the learning of 21st century competencies. FEFRI Matters 2015 Dr Anthony Leow 10.04.2015
  • 15 May - Dr Peter Wigley: Human research ethics and how to seek approval Dr Peter Wigley 15.05.2015
  • 12 June - Yasmine Shaheem, eResearch@Flinders: Open Access: Publishing policies of journals.
  • 14 August
  • 11 September
  • 9 October
  • 6 November - Dr Grace Skrzypiec. Using NVivo for literature review.
  • 4 December - Professor Lambert Schuwirth, with Professor Jan Orrell as Discussant.

Information regarding presenters and the topic of the presentation will be posted closer to the time.

Powerpoints and Sound Recordings (if available) in 2015

12 June

Yasmine Shaheem: Open Acccess: Publishing policies of journals

Powerpoint: Yasmine Shaheem FAC_Open Access FEFRI Matters presentation 12.06.2015

15 May 2015

Dr Peter Wigley: Human research ethics and how to seek approval


Soundfile: Dr Peter Wigley audio 15.05.2015 (MP3 13MB)

14 April 2015

Dr Anthony Leow: Capacity building of PE Teachers in Singapore: Enhancing the learning of 21st century competencies.

Powerpoint: Dr Anthony Leow presentation 10 April 2015

Sound file: Dr Anthony Leow 10.04.2015

6 March 2015

Professor Margaret Davies: Where should I publish?

Powerpoint: Prof Margaret Davies Where Should I Publish presentation 6.03.2015

Powerpoints and Recordings in 2014

  • 17 September 2014
    • SWAPv presents National and International research (Italy, Greece, India, Malta; ARC, NHMRC & CRN) together with Visiting Scholar Dr Eleni Didaskou's research.
  •  15 September 2014
    • Professor Janice Orrell (School of Education): Higher Degree Supervision
  • 24 February 2014
    • Professor Stella Vosniadou (Strategic Professor)
    • School of Education Strategic Professor Stella Vosniadou will discussed her research background, the directions she has taken throughout her career and her current role at Flinders as Strategic Professor. How students think and how they learn (PDF 2MB)
  • 16 December 2013
    • Professor David Day (DVC/Research) and DVC (R) colleagues  

Researchers from FEFRI were joined today by staff from the DVC (R) office:

Professor David Day
Professor Jeri Kroll
Karen Jacobs
Linda Rust
Ben Jacobs

Post Graduate Scholars Conference 2014

Monday 23 June 2014: 8.30am - 4.00pm : School of Education Building Room 1.01

Keynote by Professor Murray Drummond

Our Storied Lives: Stories, Narratives and Life Histories in Contemporary Research

Post Graduate Scholars Conference 2014


T: +61 8 8201 2277

FEFRI Presentations 2013

16 September 2013

Be Visible Online or Vanish!' Using the Internet to Increase Your Research Impact by Dr Lareen Newman

Dr Lareen Newman presented to the Flinders Educational Futures Research Institute on ‘Be Visible Online or Vanish - Using the Internet to Increase your Research Impact'. Lareen considers herself an ‘emerging user' of the Internet and social media for promoting and networking in relation to her research, and only started dabbling in spaces such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Scholar in the last 12 months. She talked about her concerns of using these types of spaces as an academic and share her experiences. She explained the wide variety of ways we can increase our research visibility, engagement, dissemination, reputation and impact, and how to keep track of these to add weight to CVs, next promotion or grant application.

Be visible or vanish (PDF 4MB)

Please read 'Why every scientist needs an online profile'.

19 August 19th 2013

Open Access and quality publishing by Professor Margaret Davies and Doctor Rebecca Vaughan

Where should I publish

8 July 2013

Developing and maintaining International Research Collaborations by Professor Antonella Brighi

The Flinders Educational Futures Research Institute in conjunction with the Centre for Student Wellbeing and Prevention of Violence invited visiting Research Fellow Professor Antonella Brighi who presented a session on the subject of:

Developing and maintaining International Research Collaborations.

Antonella is currently the Chief Researcher for the most recent DAPHNE III (European Commission for Justice) project: ‘Turning obstacles into opportunities: investigation and intervention in six European countries' (EU funded project).

The collaborations that Antonella has led include working in teams from six international universities. This provides scope for high quality, inclusive research as well as the challenges that come from working across cultures and distance. Antonella will provide an overview of her own international collaborative research experiences as well as provide in depth knowledge about the challenges within the process. Her experience and expertise will be of benefit to those looking to collaborate internationally and/or join a worldwide research network.

Flinders and Italy form united front on cyber bullying

Developing and Maintaining International Research Collaborations

8 April 2013

What drives the Media? by Vincent Ciccarello - Journalist Marketing and Communications Office

Abstract: Vincent provided an overview of what drives the media; the six fundamental journalistic questions; and what constitutes ‘news values'. He also explained how to write a media release and presented some basic interview techniques.

  Media Training - Demystifying the Media

4 March 2013

Things to know about preparing your Flinders research ethics application by Associate Professor Carolyn Palmer and Associate Professor David Curtis – Research Ethics Committee