Thursday Presentations for RHD Students and Staff

12.00 - 1.00pm  l  International Room, 5.34

2017 Semester 2

  • 27 July: Professor Jan Orrell
    Higher education: A field of practice and inquiry
  • 3 August: Dr Penny Van Deur
    Be careful what you wish for: Working with teachers to develop primary students' self-directed learning
  • 10 August: Dr Leigh Burrows
    Exploring roles and relationships in post graduate supervision
  • 17 August: Dr Leigh Burrows
    Safeguarding mindfulness in schools and higher education
  • 24 August: Vanessa Alexander
    Who's the expert? Co-production of research in autism
  • 31 August: Dr Issic Leung, Hong Kong Education University
    The readiness of pre-service teachers to promote STEM education in terms of their knowledge of mathematical modelling
  • 7 September: Dr Saib Dianati
    Critical theory in the MBA program: The introduction of the 'Critique'
  • 14 September: Dr Mark Keough
    Analog to digital conversion: The impact of emerging education technologies and the trend to heutagogy on recognition of activity based learning experiences
  • 5 October: Rebecca Napier
    A philosophy for children hands-on workshop: Starting small, rippling large
  • 12 October: Associate Professor Susan Krieg
    The difference two letters can make: Constructionism/Constructivism
  • 19 October: Emerituse Professor John Halsey
    The half-time score in the national rural, regional and remote education review
  • 26 October: Irena White
    Marketing education research: Marketing-Educational-Research-Oct2017 (PDF 9MB)
  • 2 November: Dr David Armstrong
    Wicked problems in education: What they are and how to write them down
  • 9 November: Dr Sam Elliott
    The dark arts: Salami slicing, artificial inflation and fundamental misconduct in academia
  • 16 November: Mahara Research Group
    The architecture of me is changing: Report on an in-house collaboratively self-study project exploring how Mahara e-portfolio supports the 'scholarly self' in practice
  • 23 November: Dr Kerrie Mackey-Smith
    Using material and digital artefacts to raise awareness of enacting 'critical' pedagogies in teacher education

2017 Semester 1

  • 2 March: Associate Professor Kerry Bissaker
    Post Graduates welcome and introduction
  • 23 March: Associate Professor Ben Wadham
    Cultural studies
  • 30 March: Associate Professor Helen Askell-Williams
    Some strategies for selecting high quality publication outputs
    Video: Helen Askell-Williams presentation 30 March 2017
  • 6 April: Dr Grant Banfield
    What is critical realism
  • 4 May: Sally Wheldrake
    ITS support for the research community at Flinders
  • 11 May: Dr Michael Bell
    Realising creative genius for social change
  • 18 May: Associate Professor Amy Hamilton
    Arts based research
  • 25 May: Dr Andrew Bills
    Researching policy
  • 1 June: Associate Professor Antonella Brighi (SWAPv research group)
  • 8 June: Associate Professor Kerry Bissaker
    Grounded theory 

Powerpoints and Sound Recordings: 2015

12 June

Yasmine Shaheem: Open Acccess: Publishing policies of journals

Powerpoint: Yasmine Shaheem FAC_Open Access FEFRI Matters presentation 12.06.2015

15 May 2015

Dr Peter Wigley: Human research ethics and how to seek approval

Soundfile: Dr Peter Wigley audio 15.05.2015 (MP3 13MB)

14 April 2015

Dr Anthony Leow: Capacity building of PE Teachers in Singapore: Enhancing the learning of 21st century competencies.

Powerpoint: Dr Anthony Leow presentation 10 April 2015

Sound file: Dr Anthony Leow 10.04.2015

6 March 2015

Professor Margaret Davies: Where should I publish?

Powerpoint: Prof Margaret Davies Where Should I Publish presentation 6.03.2015