We are committed to fostering inclusive classrooms, schools, and communities for diverse children and young people, including those with disabilities, advanced abilities, and specialised educational needs.

Flinders University is one of Australia’s most experienced providers of education for specialist teachers and leaders, offering highly-regarded courses in inclusive and specialised education, and gifted education. We have a sustained track record of collaborating with industry partners and producing high-quality research in areas related to diversity and inclusion.

RISE is a team of researchers and professional educators with broad interests and expertise related to inclusive and specialised education. We apply diverse research skills and a commitment to genuine industry collaboration, locally, nationally and internationally. 

Our primary area of research focus is on personalised learning and support for learners with diverse needs, including those with disability, specialised educational needs, and advanced abilities.


We welcome opportunities for collaboration on research related to inclusive education and personalised supports for students with diverse learning needs, and quality professional learning for teachers and leaders.

Connect with us

Email: rise@flinders.edu.au

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