2010 Teaching and Learning Forum

Friday, August 6, 2010

12 noon to 4.30 pm

Room 5.34, International Room, Level 5, Education Building



12 noon Lunch

Room 5.34, International Room, Level 5, Education Building

12.45 pm: Welcome

Professor Faith Trent, Faculty Executive Dean


12.50 pm Introductory remarks: The big picture policy view on teaching first year students

Professor Andrew Parkin, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic)


Session 1 Presentations on first year teaching

Room 5.34, International Room, Level 5, Education Building
Chair Professor Elizabeth Handsley, Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning), School of Law


1.10 pm Supporting student achievement in first year

Ms Sandra Egege (Student Learning Centre) and Ms Ann Luzeckyj (Centre for University Teaching)
Over the last ten years the first year demographic has changed dramatically and, as the Bradley initiatives take effect, it will become even more diverse. Sandra and Ann will talk about the changing first year student cohort, its characteristics and the potential impact of these characteristics on the students’ learning capacity. Sandra and Ann will also discuss a range of potential challenges facing staff, and put forward a range of approaches that may help address these challenges.

Bio: Ann is responsible for conducting research and providing support to staff who work with first year students. She manages the Inspiring Achievement in First Year University Students website, coordinates a Community of Practice and facilitates workshops and forums. She is also involved in an ALTC funded research project related to first year students which is being run jointly across the three South Australian universities.

Bio: Sandra has been working as an academic advisor for the SLC since 2002. She has taught extensively in the Introductory Academic Programme (bridging program for AusAID students), has coordinated and taught in the Foundation Course and currently coordinates and teaches in the Research Higher Degree Professional Development Programme.
  Teaching Forum student achievement in first year (PPT 344KB)


1.30pm Teaching First Year Philosophy

Associate Professor Ian Ravenscroft, Associate Head (Education), School of Humanities

Ian arrived at Flinders 10 years ago as a starry-eyed idealist, who loved teaching first year philosophy. Ten years later he is still a very starry-eyed idealist who loves teaching first year philosophy. Along the way Ian has learned a few tricks and developed some helpful approaches. In his presentation, Ian describes some of the problems he has encountered and the solutions he has developed.

Bio: Ian has been teaching philosophy at Flinders for 10 years. Before that he taught at King’s College London and the University of Auckland. He is Team Leader of the ALTC Project Forward Thinking: Learning and teaching Philosophy in Australian Universities. Ian is also chair of the Humanities Teaching and Learning Committee.
  Teaching Forum Ian Ravenscroft Presentation (PPT 1MB)


1.50pm Creative, constructive, cheerful (and teaching first year)

Associate Professor Mary Heath, School of Law

Class sizes are growing, staff-student ratios are getting more challenging, there is never a shortage of things to do or expectations to meet…and there always seem to be new challenges over the horizon. The need for creative and constructive responses has never been greater. We need to be generating approaches to first year (and all our teaching) that maximise pleasure in teaching and learning and conserve time and energy…and sharing them around. In this presentation Mary will share some of the ideas she has been experimenting with and speak about a collaborative project to enhance first year law as we look toward the post C2R2 curriculum.

Bio: Mary has been teaching first year law students for over ten years. She has been awarded a Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, an ALTC citation and an ALTC teaching award. She is currently facilitating with Tania Leiman, a Community of Practice for first year teachers in law that has been funded by a University Teaching and Learning Innovation grant.
Teaching Forum Mary Heath Presentation (PPT 10MB)


2.10pm ePortfolios: Graduate Qualities and ICT Skills

Dr Trudy Sweeney, School of Education, 2010 Faculty Scholar

There is a limit to what can be included in the formal curriculum to assist students to achieve the most appropriate graduate qualities. We can encourage, or require, students to assess their own achievement of the graduate qualities. An ePortfolio system is one way this can be done in an independently managed online space. This presentation will outline the potential and challenges of using PebblePad™ as a digital ePortfolio tool to support 21st Century learning, teaching and assessment in the new Bachelor of Education, Master of Teaching and Master of Education courses and the implications for the first year of the new courses in 2011.

Bio: Trudy is a lecturer of Digital Media and Coordinator of the Master of Teaching Course. Trudy came to Flinders from the Department of Education and Children’s Services where she worked for 17 years as a primary teacher, ICT Coordinator, Assistant Principal, Educational Consultant and Project Officer at the Technology School of the Future. Trudy is currently president of the Computers in Education Group of South Australia (CEGSA) and Board Member of the Australian Council for Computers in Education (ACCE).
  Teaching Forum Trudy Sweeney Presentation (PPT 6MB)


2.30pm Afternoon Tea Break


Session 2 Workshops on teaching first year students

2.45 to 3.40pm (4-5 concurrent workshops in breakout rooms).

The workshops will consider current practice with first years, how we can improve our practice and priorities for action. If there is a demand, one workshop will focus on postgraduate students in their first year.


Session 3 3.50pm.

Five minute reports from workshops 

4.20pm Plenary session, wind up, suggestions for future fora, evaluation

Professor Larry Owens, Associate Head (Teaching and Learning), Faculty of Education, Humanities and Law

4.30pm Drinks