Monday 3 December 2012

9.30am to 1.30pm (lunch included)

Room 2.09, International Room, Level 2, Education Building

The Faculty of Education, Humanities and Law has a proud record in relation to teaching excellence. SET scores are consistently among the highest in the university and a number of staff members of the Faculty have been successful in winning university and national teaching awards.

It is, naturally, a Flinders priority to ensure that high quality education occurs in its courses. Assessment – of learning, for learning, as learning – is a fundamental component of effective teaching practice. Changes to student demographics, the impact of technology, and the increased regulatory environment mean that assessment must be regarded as a front-of-mind characteristic of teaching planning and implementation. This forum will assist us to understand the many facets of assessment in modern higher education pedagogy.

All academic staff (permanent and sessional), and others interested, are encouraged to attend. The Faculty Committee on Teaching and Learning hopes that you will enjoy and benefit from the morning.

You may register by going to this webpage http://www.flinders.edu.au/ehl/education/rsvp-events.cfm , selecting Faculty Teaching and Learning Forum and clicking on RSVP by Monday 26 November.

If you are staying for lunch and have any dietary requirements, please email olga.pinto@flinders.edu.au



9.30 to 9.35 am
Professor Richard Maltby, Executive Dean

Session 1:

9.35 to 10.40 am

Adapting Assessment Approaches to University Priorities: (a) Focus on First Year Students; (b) Online Processes Session 1 66Mb MP3

Chair: Dr Julie Clark, Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching), School of Education

What students imagine or expect university will be like and how it really is for them: reporting on the staff and student expectations and experience (SSEE) data
Ms Karen Burke da Silva, School of Biological Sciences

Burke da Silva-Power Point (PDF 2MB)

Ms Karen Burke da Silva is a member of the ALTC-funded First Year Student Expectations & Experiences project, a recipient of the Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching and was a 2009 Faculty Scholar on progressing assessment across year levels.

Marking x in all the boxes – providing helpful feedback and useful assessment practices for 1st year students
Dr Ann Luzeckyj, Centre for University Teaching

Luzeckyj-Power Point (PDF 567KB)

Dr Ann Luzeckyj is also an SSEE team member and has been seconded to the position of Lecturer in Higher Education: First Year Undergraduate Teaching Adviser, which allows her to support staff working with first year students.

What we learned: School-wide implementation of electronic assignment submission, marking and returns in the School of Nursing & Midwifery
Ms Nicola Parkin, Centre for Educational ICT & Ms Ailsa N’Ha Winifreyda, School of Nursing and Midwifery

Parkin & Winifreyda-Power Point (PDF 1MB)

Ms Nicola Parkin is now Senior Educational Designer. In her former capacity as Manager, SoNM Flexible Education Unit, she was instrumental in the planning and implementation of that School’s adoption of online submission, marking and return.

Ms Ailsa N’Ha Winifreyda’s main research interests are in clinical education and alcohol and other drugs, and has the benefit of practical experience working within the SoNM’s new online system.

10.40 to 10.55 am
Morning Tea Break

Session 2:

10.55 to 12.05 pm

Alignment and Authenticity in Assessment Session 2 66Mb MP3
Chair: Dr Eric Bouvet, Associate Dean (Academic), School of Humanities

Rewarding assessment – the importance of making learning outcomes work for you
Professor Elizabeth Handsley, Law School

Handsley-Power Point (PDF 1MB)

Professor Elizabeth Handsley is Law School Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning) and a former Faculty Scholar whose interest is the improvement of the alignment between assessment methods and stated learning outcomes.  She received a Carrick Citation for Excellence in Teaching.

Alternative Assessment: Ensuring Authenticity
Ms Deborah Ankor, Law School

Ankor-Power Point (PDF 1MB)

Ms Deborah Ankor is the Director of Professional Programs and is particularly interested in using available technology to improve the teaching of practical legal topics.

Assessment of Groupwork: How FLO Can Help You
Ms Katie Cavanagh, Department of Screen and Media

Ms Katie Cavanagh is a current Faculty Scholar interested in the convergence and combination of text, design, image and meaning.

It’s not black and white: the grey matter of self- and peer assessment
Associate Professor David Curtis, School of Education &
Dr Amy Hamilton, School of Education

Curtis & Hamilton-Power Point (PDF 743KB)

Curtis & Hamilton-Notes (PDF 260KB)

Associate Professor David Curtis is the Coordinator, Educational Research Evaluation and Measurement in the School of Education and is particularly interested in the assessment and measurement of student achievement and attitudes.

Dr Amy Hamilton is a Senior Lecturer in Visual Arts and Arts Education and she is interested in assessment in education, as well as visual art education.  In 2008, she received an EHL Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Session 3:

12.05 to 12.40pm  

Making and Reporting Academic Judgments of Learning Outcome Achievement Session 3 33Mb MP3

Chair: Professor Gary Davis, Deputy Executive Dean

The effectiveness of feedback to students and the use of scoring rubrics
Dr Craig Taylor, Department of Philosophy

Taylor-Power Point (PDF 346KB)

Dr Craig Taylor is the Head of the Department of Philosophy. As a 2009 Faculty Scholar, he researched improving the effectiveness of feedback given to students.

Better judgment: improving assessors' management of factors affecting their judgment
Dr Lisa Schmidt, Centre for University Teaching &
Professor Lambert Schuwirth, School of Medicine

Dr Lisa Schmidt is a Senior Lecturer in Higher Education with a particular interest in the field of curriculum design. She was a recipient of a Faculty Executive Dean’s Teaching Excellence Award in 2009.

Professor Lambert Schuwirth is Strategic Professor of Medical Education and his main interest is in assessment of medical competence and performance.

This presentation is drawn from the subject matter of the presenters’ current research, which is being pursued with the assistance of a 2012 Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT) grant.

12.40 to 12.45 pmThank you and close
Professor Gary Davis, Deputy Executive Dean

12.45 to 1.30 pm