The Faculty of Education, Humanities and Law is committed to the University’s strategic plan of “strengthening internationalisation by expanding opportunities and benefits for students, staff and our communities to engage in the global society”.  The Faculty currently has international partners in Brazil, Canada, Chile, China (including Hong Kong), Denmark, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, The Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden, Thailand, United Kingdom, and USA.

In December 2014, the Faculty had 639 enrolled international students, representing 15.35% of the total University international Enrolments.  These enrolments are made up of 318 onshore students from over 61 countries, with two thirds from Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, China, Singapore, Canada, India, Viet Nam, America and Laos.  The remaining 321 students are enrolled in the Faculty’s offshore programs in China, Hong Kong and Singapore.