In the Faculty of Education, Humanities, and Law, Research and Research Higher Degrees are managed by two groups - Faculty Research Committee and Faculty Research Higher Degrees Committee. These Committees comprise representatives from across the Faculty's Schools and Departments and are administered by the Faculty Research Coordinators. Research and Research Higher Degrees are important components of the Faculty's activities.

Research Higher Degrees

The Faculty offers Masters and PhD degrees and provides support for research postgraduate students within each School. At the same time the Faculty aims to maintain interdisciplinary links between diverse research areas. The Faculty encourages students to participate in the wide range of academic discourse that characterises the Faculty.

Australian nationals will find information on how to apply for a research higher degree here . International students should refer to the International Office website .

Higher degrees in the Faculty of Education, Humanities, and Law are research-based. Each degree requires a thesis. A thesis for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy should be a minimum of 70,000 words and a maximum of 100,000 words. For Masters a minimum of 35,000 words and a maximum of 50,000. This excludes footnotes, bibliography, tables and appendices.

A PhD is 4 years full-time and 8 years part-time and Masters degrees are 2 years full-time and 4 years part-time.

General Enquiries: Administrative Officer (Research Higher Degrees), Ms Sally Mathews, 8201 3590, room 423 Education Building,


The Faculty manages all internal research funding and liaises with the University's Research Services Office for the management of external research funding.

Both Staff and Research Higher Degree students are eligible to apply for internal research funding. External funding is usually restricted to staff.

General Enquiries: Research Coordinator, Dr Rebecca Vaughan, phone 8201 2493, Room 421 Education Building.