The research culture of the Department is strong, and at its core lies an active group of postgraduate students, who are pursuing a wide range of projects. This range defies simple definition, either in terms of historical or conceptual scope, so the best way to find out about what we do is to browse through the current and completed  thesis projects and the description of staff interests available from the staff page .

This section of the English, Creative Writing, and Australian Studies web site is intended to serve as a departmental postgraduate handbook. Consequently, it addresses two audiences: currently enrolled postgraduates, and those who think they might be interested in becoming postgraduate researchers in the Department.

For further information, contact:

Dr Lisa Bennett
Postgraduate Coordinator
Humanities Room 259
Phone (+61 8) 8201 3258
Fax: (+61 8) 8201 3635

Ms Sally Mathews
Research Coordinator (Higher Degrees)
Phone: (+61 8) 8201 3590

Useful links for Postgraduate Students in English, Creative Writing, and Australian Studies

  1. A checklist of things to take note of for our new postgraduate students.
  2. Guidelines for progress in research higher degrees in English, Creative Writing, and Australian Studies. 
  3. Some talk on setting up a research project .