The following courses of postgraduate study are available in the Department of English, Creative Writing, and Australian Studies:

  • Masters by research thesis (approximately 40 - 60 000 words), leading to the Degree of Master of Arts
  • PhD by research thesis (approximately 100 000 words), leading to the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy
  • Further information on postgraduate studies with a creative component can be found in the ECWAS Creative MA/PhD guidelines.  (PDF 55KB)

Further information about expectations of scope and progress for theses in the School can be gleaned from the Guidelines for progress

Enrolment Procedures

Information about bureaucratic requirements for applying to enrol in all the postgraduate degrees is available from the University Calendar and from the University Admissions Page.

For Research Degrees

The normal process for Australian students requires that you

  • Have a BA (Hons) class IIA or better, majoring in English.
  • Have agreement from the Department Head and a principal supervisor that adequate specialist supervision can be provided for your project. This normally requires that:
    • You contact the Department Postgraduate Coordinator, to discuss the feasibility of your project and the availablity of appropriate supervision.
    • You would then be referred to a potential supervisor, for whom you will produce a brief (approx 1000 words) description of your project and area of interest.
    • If the supervisor agrees to take on the supervision, and subject to that supervisor's workload, you then fill in the appropriate application forms, available from the Admissions Office.
  • This may seem a rather involved process, but a research degree will take up some years of your life, and we want to do everything we can to ensure that students we accept for candidature can be provided with expert supervision. For that we need adequate information.

International students should contact the University's International Centre initially (to ascertain equivalence of qualification), then contact the Department Postgraduate Coordinator.

Scholarship information is available from the University's Scholarship Office .

Useful links for Postgraduate Students in English, Creative Writing, and Australian Studies

  1. A checklist of things to take note of for our new postgraduate students.
  2. Guidelines for progress  in research higher degrees in English, Creative Writing, and Australian Studies. 
  3. Some talk on setting up a research project.
  4. Guidelines for the Creative MA/PhD in Creative Writing. Information for Postgraduate students and examiners.  (PDF 55KB)