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Upcoming Events

The Flinders Work - Honestly! - In Progress Conference

23-24 April 2014


Public Lecture

6pm, Tuesday 10 June 2014

Assoc Prof Michael Haugh, Griffith University

'Jocular mockery and banter in everyday Australian interaction'

Teasing in everyday interactions, which combines elements of (ostensible) provocation and (ostensible) playfulness in a figurative cutting down or diminishment of a target, has been the subject of a growing body of studies. However, what has arguably not been as well studied to date is the interactional mechanics of the different kinds of social actions through which teasing is accomplished. In this presentation, the ways in which teasing as mocking/ridiculing can be accomplished in a jocular or non-serious frame, or what is termed “jocular mockery” (Haugh 2010), and how these jocular teases can develop into extended sequences of “banter” (Dynel 2008; Leech 1983; Plester and Sayers 2007) is examined building on methodological and analytical insights from interactional and corpus-assisted pragmatics (Haugh 2014). The ways in which various kinds of “serious” interactional work can be accomplished in “unofficial” ways through ostensibly non-serious instances of jocular mockery and banter is also discussed.

Flinders in the City, 182 Victoria Square, Level 1
With pre-lecture refreshments at 5:30pm

This lecture is presented as part of FIRtH’s 2014 Research Theme, Humour Studies.


Brian Medlin Memorial Lecture and Book Launch

6pm, Thursday 12 June 2014

Professor Brian Matthews, FAHA

‘The Preciousness of Everything’.



Never Mind about the Bourgeoisie: The Correspondence between Iris Murdoch and Brian Medlin 1976-1995

Edited by Gillian Dooley and Graham Nerlich

Launched by Professor Brian Matthews

Noel Stockdale Room, Central Library, Flinders University
With pre-lecture refreshments at 5:30pm



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