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The Institute unites humanities and creative arts-based researchers engaged in creative and reflective investigations of culture and thought. The Institute fosters individual, collaborative and cross-disciplinary projects across a wide range of fields in the Humanities and Creative Arts, in particular through the Institute’s yearly research theme and individual fellowships for selected Institute members. The Institute has a particular commitment to supporting Research Higher Degree students and Early Career Researchers in the Humanities and Creative Arts.

Associate Professor Craig Taylor
Director, Flinders Institute for Research in the Humanities (FIRtH)



Upcoming Events


Curating Affective Technologies
Thursday, 21 and Friday, 22 July

Upcoming Conferences

Morality in a Realistic Spirit: A Conference in Honour of Cora Diamond

18 - 19 July, Flinders in the City, 182 Victoria Square, Adelaide, SA

Romance Writers of Australia's 25th Anniversary Conference
18-21 August, Stamford Grand Hotel, Glenelg, SA

From the Margins to the Centre:
The Future of University Literacy Support & Writing across the Curriculum
27 September 2016

22nd Australasian Irish Studies Conference
29 Nov - 2 Dec, Flinders in the City, 182 Victoria Square, Adelaide, SA



Currency House Feature

An interview with one of Australia's most renowned performance designers, Stephen Curtis, by Flinders Professor of Creative Arts, Julian Meyrick at the recent launch of Curtis's Platform Paper THE DESIGNER: Decorator or Dramaturg?

Curtis, recently acclaimed for his set designs for the Sydney Theatre Company’s masterful The Secret River, draws on his thirty years’ experience to argue for a deeper understanding of the designer’s role as central to the development of all theatre performance. He uses an historical overview of performance design to illustrate how the designer’s role has evolved from scene painting to the complex discipline it is today; and, in a valuable insider’s account of the intense process that brought The Secret River to the stage, investigates the way collaboration really works.

Currency House