The Australasian Heritage Software Database


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Dr Melanie Swalwell

Dr Denise DeVries


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The Australasian Heritage Software project is a publicly-compiled and accessible database documenting Australian and New Zealand software history. Currently, there is no central repository of information about software written or published locally. Software does not easily fit into the collecting schema or taxonomies of many institutions. As such, it is generally individuals and various online communities who hold the knowledge about local software history. We want to provide a repository for this knowledge to be centrally collected, and will make this openly accessible so that it can be used for public good purposes.


Software history is a notoriously underdeveloped field, with many histories tending to chart only particular genres, or remembering just the commercial success stories and flops. Most of what makes it into history books are stories from the UK, US and parts of Asia. Australia and New Zealand have their own computer and software histories, of course, but it is difficult to write local software histories without comprehensive records. We are keen to see these stories recorded and told more often, and the products of local innovation documented and hopefully preserved. Making informed judgements about what is historically significant and what ought to be kept requires knowing what software existed in a particular period.


This project aims to collect documentation from the public - and, where feasible, source code - in order to create a picture of the software written locally, and to present this online. The general public and specialist fans and collectors know a lot about software and computer history. That's why we are asking people to please pitch in and help us build a publicly accessible database of this information.