Life Narrative Research Group

The Life Narrative Research Group
is a community of researchers at Flinders University who share an active interest in life writing, memoir, autobiography, biography, epistolarity, digital narratives of self and subjectivity, and other forms that fit under the banner of Life Narrative. The group organises conferences, master classes, guest lectures, symposia, and reading groups to facilitate a productive environment for the development and exchange of life narrative research.



Kate Douglas is an Associate Professor in English, Creative Writing and Australian Studies. Her research interests include: childhood/youth and life narrative, the intersections of trauma and life writing, and developing methodologies for teaching life narrative.

Kylie Cardell is a Lecturer in English and Creative Writing at Flinders University. Her research interests are focused in contemporary life writing and she has a particular interest in marginal genres and forms of life writing.

Other Academic Staff:

Danielle Clode writes creative non-fiction and historical biography and lectures in creative writing at Flinders University. Her recent books include Voyages to the South Seas, a creative biography of French explorers and scientists in Australia, which won the Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for Non-fiction.  She has broad interests in non-fiction genres and representations of past lives through fiction and non-fiction.

Shannon Dowling is a lecturer in Australian Studies in the Department of English, Creative Writing and Australian Studies. Her research interests include: life writing and trauma, war memories and memorialisation, Jewish writing in Australia and representations of the Holocaust.

Steve Evans is a Senior Lecturer in Literature and Creative Writing with a special interest in narrative function (particularly in contemporary poetry), creative nonfiction prose, and the publishing industry.

Jane Haggis is an Associate Professor in the School of International Studies and teaches in the Development Studies Discipline. Her research interests are the politics of knowledge; colonial pasts/postcolonial presents; critical race and whiteness theory; and contemporary models of cross-cultural practice. She is currently working on a book titled Storying the Borderlands. Transnational imaginaries of modernity in refugee settlement.

Lorna Hallahan is a Senior Lecturer in Social Work and Social Planning. Her research interests include: the ethics of public consultation; the link between personal narratives and public policy; assistive technology and the stories of people living with disability.

Leonie Hardcastle is a Research Associate who undertook her English major and doctoral thesis within the School of Humanities and Creative Arts. She provides sessional lectures in the Schools of International Studies and Social and Policy Studies. Current projects include collecting and writing stories through which South Australian workers reflect upon lived experiences during socio-economic, cultural and workplace change.


Tully Barnett is a postgraduate student in English at Flinders University. She is writing on elements of posthumanism in the field of Life Writing and the autobiographical traps of self-characters. 

Barbara Brown is a post graduate student in Creative Writing. Her research interests include memory, trauma, and asylum seeker narratives.

Tom Drahos is a postgraduate candidate in English/Creative Writing. His research interests include self-fictionalisation and the application of philosophical and semiotic modes to life narrative.

Pamela Graham is a PhD candidate in the School of Humanities at Flinders University. Her research interests include the social and political significance of life narratives, cultural memory, contemporary postcolonial literature and film, and the impact of technology on biographical and historical narratives.

Melanie Hocking is a PhD candidate in English at Flinders University. Her areas of research interest include the uses of humour and performance in contemporary life narrative, issues of authenticity, ethics and embodiment in life writing, and autobiographical representations in documentary film and television.

Sharyn Kaesehagen is a PhD candidate in Creative Writing. Her research topic is 'Autobiographical Performances: The Writing of Women's Contemporary Knit-Lit' and includes a creative manuscript: "The Knitter-A Memoir". 

Hannah Kent is a PhD Candidate in Creative Writing, and co-founder of the literary journal Kill Your Darlings. Her research interests include: the intersections of biography and fiction, life narratives of criminal women, and biographical research.

Sandra Lindemann is a writer specialising in collaborative life writing. She is a current PhD candidate in the School of English, Creative Writing and Australian Studies. Her research examines the ethical challenges experienced by practitioners of collaborative life writing.

Emma Maguire is a PhD candidate in English Literature at Flinders University. Her research interests include life writing practices of young women, and the intersection of life narrative scholarship and affect theory/intimate publics.

Michele McCrea completed her doctorate at Flinders University and is currently extending her thesis research on narrative voice and textual authority in post-colonial fiction by women writers to investigate hybrid genres and the borders between genres, particularly life narrative and fiction. She has published short stories and a prize-winning novella.

Threasa Meads is a writer, artist and PhD Candidate. Her first memoir, ‘Nobody’, was shortlisted for The Australian/Vogel Literary Award in 2008 as well as being awarded a Text/Varuna Publisher Fellowship in 2009. Her research interests include: the theory and practice of contemporary life writing; the intersection of therapy and aesthetics in trauma/healing narratives; and the theory and practice of visual and digital life narratives.


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