2016 Grants


Project Title    



This project is dedicated to examining the Larpent Collection for staged and unlicensed depictions of suicide in eighteenth-century drama, and the emotions likely to be elicited - and indeed feared by authorities - by such representations. Dr Eric Parisot Fletcher Jones Foundation Fellowship (Huntington Library, US$3000)

Franklin Research Grant (American Philosophical Society, US$4500)
Chinese Language and Culture In-country Program Dr Jeffrey Gil Consortium between Flinders University and Charles Darwin University ($27,500; single-year funding shared across both universities)

Partners: Charles Darwin University and Anhui Normal University

The Deep History of Sea Country: Climate, sea level and culture Dr Jonathan Benjamin ARC Discovery ($597,000)
Visualising venues in Australian live performance research ('Phase 6' of an ongoing AusStage project)

Prof. Julian Meyrick

ARC LIEF ($465,000)
The Drumbeat of Human Evolution: Climate Proxies from Rockshelter Sediments Dr Ian Moffat ARC DECRA ($346,536)

Urbanism after Angkor (14th- 18th century)

Dr Martin Polkinhorne (joint project with University of Sydney (CI: Professor Roland Fletcher) ARC Discovery (total funding: $787,945)

Rock art as proxy for environmental change

Dr Daryl Wesley ARC DECRA ($359,586)

Enhancing language students’ WIL learning experience in the community through the development of a framework for language placements

A/Prof Eric Bouvet and his team (Dr Daniela Rose, Dr Maria Palaktsoglou, Lynn Vanzo, Javier Diaz and Dr Rossi von der Borch) Teaching and Learning and Innovation Grant

Risky business and knowledge partners: A pilot learning initiative for socialised personal learning to nurture innovative resilient cultures in Humanities and Social Sciences students at Flinders University

A/Prof. Jane Haggis, Dr. Antonella Strambi and Dr Jessie Jovanic


Teaching and Learning and Innovation Grant