The committee behind Flinders WHIP Postgraduate Association is made up of postgraduate students from the School of Humanities and Creative Arts.

Please feel welcome to contact any of the committee members with queries or just to introduce yourself.


Carolina Castro Huercano

Hey! I am a mind traveller and a dangerous book eater.I have created some very peculiar book creatures without electricity and dramatic thunders, a science fiction play and a poetry book. I am a PhD candidate at Flinders University, looking at how to spark students’ minds using Project Based Learning and new technologies. If interested in knowing more about my research have a look at my educational blog or at my e-portfolio.?

Ryan Morrison

Hi! My name is Ryan Morrison, and I’m a PhD candidate in Creative Writing. My thesis is titled ‘Cerebrum ex machina: problematic depictions of artificial intelligence in science fiction’. I am an avid creative practitioner, responsible for a daily webcomic, solo and collaborative musical composition, as well as a weekly Twitch show in which I provide live commentary on SF/AI video games. Follow me on Twitter for updates!


Grace Chipperfield

Hullo—I’m Grace/a PhD candidate in Creative Writing. My current thesis question is: do U.S. citizens need to grow up? This is shorthand for my research into ideas of citizenship, adolescence, adulthood and mental health as they appear in the works of David Foster Wallace. Still working out how to provide a neat summary of this… that’s what WHIP 2017 will be for!


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