The committee behind Flinders WHIP Postgraduate Association is made up of postgraduate students from the School of Humanities and Creative Arts.

Please feel welcome to contact any of the committee members with queries or just to introduce yourself.


Ellen Whitton

Hello there! I'm Ellen Whitton and I am a PhD candidate with the History branch of our newly structured College. My studies focus primarily on how filmmakers consult and use various resources to create history based feature films. Currently, I am concentrating on the war films produced by the filmmaking duo Powell & Pressburger, a renowned pair from Britain's industry during the 1940s-1950s.

Todd Dearing

Hello, I’m Todd Dearing, a PhD candidate in English literature. My research explores the Romantic author/artist William Blake’s concept of poetic genius and how this applies to literature and the humanities in the twenty-first century. As part of the WHIP committee, I’m looking forward to the events we’ll prepare for postgraduates this year (and please let us know if you have any suggestions). You can find me on twitter @ToddWDearing.

Alex Cothren

Howdy, I'm Alex, and I am a Creative Writing PhD candidate. My focus is on satire, and I have a serious addiction for short fiction. I'm a dual Aussie-United States citizen, but I didn't vote Trump, so don't blame me.


Piri Eddy

 Hi there, my name is Piri Eddy. I'm a creative writing PhD candidate. My research focuses on the grotesque in Australian fiction. I'm writing a novel about a fishboy and a cult and some other things. I'm excited to help make WHIP great this year, and for you to be great, and it's just all going to be great.


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