The Flinders WHIP Postgraduate Association is a committee of postgraduate students from the School of Humanities and Creative Arts which organises a range of events for the HCA postgraduate community including an annual conference.

The Association aims to enrich the experience of HCA students at Flinders by creating opportunities for the building of social and professional networks both within the postgraduate community and the School of Humanities and Creative Arts more broadly.

Please feel welcome to connect with our Facebook group for news, events, and discussion.

Carolina Castro Huercano
Ryan Morrison
Grace Chipperfield

Flinders WHIP Postgraduate Association Committee


The newsletter, The Whipping Post! contains information on upcoming events, lock-ins, and catch ups. Please see our editions below:

WHIP October Newsletter (PDF 736KB)

WHIP July Newsletter (PDF 1MB)

WHIP May Newsletter (PDF 2MB)







Flinders WHIP Postgraduate Association aims:

  • To increase both social and professional support networks for HCA postgraduates. Support networks are important for creating the best working environments for students which ultimately enables us to achieve more timely completions and to produce high quality research.
  • To provide opportunities for rich, challenging and valuable postgraduate experiences at Flinders. We aim to foster connections in the vibrant community of Humanities postgraduate researchers, and to connect those researchers to resources and opportunities. Towards this aim we hold a range of events and provide online spaces in which to meet and broaden networks.
  • To provide information about ways for students to professionalise their PhD experience. Although writing a thesis is the essential task of the postgraduate student there are many other elements that are important to accomplish, especially for students pursuing academic careers.  These include teaching experience and publishing research, among others.
  • To encourage discussion about the role of Humanities research in broader cultural contexts—both in abstract and practical terms. As beginning Humanities scholars, it is important to be aware of and engaged in the current debates and issues around Humanities research.