Specialists in geography at Flinders University pursue high quality, rigorous and critical scholarship around the concepts of place, space and human-environment relations. This reflects geographers’ longstanding interests the character of places, the distribution of phenomena across space, the dynamics of populations and relationships between humans and environments. We answer questions spanning the local to the global, in the past, present and future.


Supervision opportunities

We offer particularly strong student research groups (PhD and Masters by Research) within Geography in Biogeography; Coastal and marine geography; Human-environment relations and environmental management; Geographical education; Geographical research methods – (qualitative, quantitative, mixed, and physical); Geospatial Information Systems and their applications; Economic inequality and (under)development; Demography, population and sustainable development. We also welcome Honours students in all areas of research expertise listed above.

Research supervision extends to joint supervision with researchers in agencies like CSIRO, SA Water and other Government Agencies. We regularly host international research visitors and students. We also provide cross institutional supervision with other universities.

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