There is a wide range of topics in a variety of disciplines in the University focused on the study of Australia. Australian Studies is a versatile cross-disciplinary program that can be taken as a major or minor sequence in the Faculty of Education, Humanities and Law and in the Faculty of Social Sciences.

The Flinders University Australian Studies Program is the most comprehensive in South Australia and one of the most extensive in Australia . It offers students the opportunity to study Australian society and culture through a wide range of topics in a variety of awards. Australian Studies topics can be taken in the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of International Tourism and Bachelor of Education/Bachelor of Arts degrees. The four Bachelor of Education/Bachelor of Arts degrees in which Australian Studies topics can be taken are the Bachelor of Early Childhood; Junior Primary/Primary; Middle School and Secondary. 

Australian Studies has a continuing and important relationship with Indigenous Studies and in liaison with colleagues in Yunggorendi. A number of topics are cross-listed in the Australian Studies Major and in the Indigenous Studies Minor. For more information on the Indigenous Studies minor sequence students should contact Yunggorendi First Nations Centre .

Australian Studies is part of the Department of English, Creative Writing and Australian Studies. Australian Studies topics offered can be found in the Topic Offerings list.



Why study Australian Studies? 


Postgraduate studies in Australian Studies can be undertaken in a number of universities in Australia and overseas. Australian Studies is afforded a high priority as a teaching subject in South Australian secondary education. Australian-based topics are also taught in schools at all levels, from early childhood onwards.

There is a demonstrated need for employees in both the private and public sectors to demonstrate knowledge of events and issues affecting Australia , in both the domestic and international spheres. There is an equally demonstrated need in a broad range of professional contexts for cultural awareness about issues relating to Indigenous Australians. The print and electronic media require informed and articulate analysts and advocates. Government and the public service are in need of employees who understand a complex, multicultural society. In addition, Australian Studies topics offer an essential dimension for students undertaking related studies in International Tourism. As an area of specialisation with general relevance, Australian Studies offers much to those who wish to make connections between life in contemporary Australia , the region and the wider world.



Program of study

The following is the program of study for a 36 unit major sequence in Australian Studies and should be read in conjunction with the course rule for the degree in which you are enrolled.

Major - Australian Studies

Year 1 topics

AUST1001  Australian Studies: Identities  (4.5 units)

plus 4.5 units from the year 1 topics listed below

AUST1004  An Introduction to Aboriginal Studies  (4.5 units)
HIST1203  A Brief History of Australia  (4.5 units)
HIST1803  'The Lucky Country'? Australia since 1939  (4.5 units)
POLI1003  Australian Politics: A Comparative Study  (4.5 units)

Year 2 topics

AUST2500  Australian Studies: Social and Political Cultures  (4.5 units)

plus 4.5 units from the year 2 topics listed below

ARCH2202  Australian Indigenous Archaeology  (4.5 units)
AUST2610  Australian Studies: Indigenous Australian Art  (4.5 units)
AUST2611  Australian Languages: Issues and Debates 1  (4.5 units)
AUST2612  Reconciliation and Indigenous Knowledges  (4.5 units)
HIST2015  Maps and Dreams: Indigenous-Settler Relations in Australian History  (4.5 units)
POLI2011  Australian Public Policy: Applications, Issues and Dilemmas  (4.5 units)
POLI2019  Parties, Voting Behaviour and Elections in Australia  (4.5 units)
POLI2020  Australian Indigenous Politics  (4.5 units)

Year 3 topics

AUST3330  Australian Studies: Cultural Theory  (4.5 units)
AUST3333  Australian Studies: Issues for Australians  (4.5 units)

plus an additional 9 units from the year 2 topics listed above or from the year 3 topics listed below.

AUST3611  Australian Languages: Issues and Debates 2  (4.5 units)
HIST3007  Body Politics in Australian History  (4.5 units)
INTR3001  Australian Foreign Policy  (4.5 units)


Honours Coordinator - Dr Christine Nichols

Program of study

Students undertake 13.5 or 18 units of thesis, 9 units of core topics and 9 or 13.5 units of elective topics.

Honours - Australian Studies - Thesis topics

Select 13.5 or 18 units from the topics listed below

AUST7100  Australian Studies: Honours Thesis (18 units)  
AUST7100A  Australian Studies: Honours Thesis (9 of 18 units)  
AUST7100B  Australian Studies: Honours Thesis (9 of 18 units)  
AUST7100C  Australian Studies: Honours Thesis (13.5 units)  

Honours - Australian Studies - Core topics

AUST7101  Australian Studies: Approaches to Cultural Theory Part 1  (4.5 units)
AUST7102  Australian Studies: Approaches to Cultural Theory Part 2  (4.5 units)

Honours - Australian Studies - Elective topics

Select 9 or 13.5 units from the topics listed below to make a total of 36 units

AUST7797  Special Topic in Australian Studies A  (4.5 units)
AUST7798  Special Topic in Australian Studies B  (4.5 units)
AUST7799  Special Topic in Australian Studies C  (4.5 units)
HIST7008  Australian History Wars: Half a Century of Debate  (4.5 units) OR
HIST7012  Destination Australia: Migration since 1900  (4.5 units)



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