Archaeologists are interested in all of human history, whether it is the relatively ephemeral traces of a campfire or meal eaten one million years ago in Africa, to the monumental architecture of classical Rome, the spectacular beauty of an Aboriginal rock art site, or the material culture of an early twentieth century household.  Archaeology is a dynamic and exciting field of study which has become a global field involving a host of scientific and allied disciplines.  What attracts many people to archaeology is the fantastic combination of intellectual and physical endeavour that it entails, whether in Australia or overseas.

Australian Studies

Australian Studies is a versatile cross-disciplinary program that can be taken as a major or minor sequence in the Faculty of Education, Humanities and Law and in the Faculty of Social Sciences. The Flinders University Australian Studies Program is the most comprehensive in South Australia and one of the most extensive in Australia. It offers students the opportunity to study Australian society and culture through a wide range of topics in a variety of awards. Australian Studies has a continuing and important relationship with Indigenous Studies and in liaison with colleagues in Yunggorendi.


Creative Arts

Our teaching staff – poets, directors, dancers, novelists, film-makers, producers, artists, dramaturges, cinematographers, actors, digital media experts and more – understand creative practice and are committed to the individual achievement of every creative arts student across all the programs we offer.


Drama is the study of action as Art. Actions, thoughts and feelings create characters that bring to life stories about what it means to be human in the past, present and future. Drama provides a vital wellspring of communication for engaging with our communities as creative thinkers and doers. The study of Drama at Flinders develops the craft of actors, directors, writers, educators and scholars in creating and appreciating performance in theatre, cinema, television and other contemporary forms of entertainment.

English and Creative Writing

Few literatures are as rich and diverse as literature in the English language, and we explore this in many topics offered by the Flinders University department of English and Creative Writing. The study of creative writing helps students develop the creative, practical, critical and collaborative skills necessary to pursue a career in the communication and creative industries or to advance to Honours or higher degree study.


Language Studies

Learning a second language assists in developing and improving communication skills, and enhancing socio-cultural understanding. Proficiency in a second language improves career prospects and helps foster social and economic benefits for Australia in, for example, the fields of tourism, education, international law, commerce, education and sport. With the internationalisation of the job market, graduates with a qualification in a foreign language will, in future, have greater employment opportunities both in Australia and overseas.


Philosophers are concerned with arguments because they seek well reasoned answers to the most difficult questions to answer definitively.  From an investigation of what philosophers have thought about these questions, students will learn how to understand  answers that philosophers have given to them, and will learn how to assess the strengths and weaknesses of their arguments. They will also be  in a better position to arrive at their own more reflective and critical views on these questions.

Screen and Media

The Department of Screen and Media at Flinders University offers Adelaide’s largest and most diverse tertiary program in the study of audiovisual media. Our study and research programs include film, television, and digital technologies including games and 3D.  The department also offers a variety of production opportunities in video production, film, computer-based media and scriptwriting.


The Flinders University Department of Theology offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the areas of biblical studies, systematic and historical theology, and ministry studies in association with the Adelaide College of Divinity, an ecumenical consortium of theological colleges: Uniting College for Leadership & Theology (Uniting Church) and Catholic Theological College of South Australia (Catholic Church).


Flinders University offers Tourism specialisations in: Cultural Tourism, Festival and Event Design and Management, and Nature Based Tourism.  The programs include:
• Undergraduate (Bachelor of International Tourism)
• Postgraduate (Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, Masters and PhD)
• Professional Development (non-degree).

Tourism has national tourism quality (T-Qual) accreditation and South Australian Tourism Industry Council accreditation and is the winner of the 2011 South Australian Tourism Awards: Tourism Education and Training.

Flinders University Tourism connects with the industry globally, provides individual attention to students and is taught by leading industry practitioners.