Welcome to Drama at Flinders

Drama is the study of action as Art. Actions, thoughts and feelings create characters that bring to life stories about what it means to be human in the past, present and future. Drama provides a vital wellspring of communication for engaging with our communities as creative thinkers and doers. The study of Drama at Flinders develops the craft of actors, directors, writers, educators and scholars in creating and appreciating performance in theatre, cinema, television and other contemporary forms of entertainment.

Pathways for students studying Drama at Flinders are diverse. Students in the Drama Centre are training to participate in the  professional industry as actors, directors, makers and potential  cultural leaders. Other students are studying Drama as part of a teaching qualification. Then there are those who are curious to extend themselves in a subject they enjoyed at school - or perhaps even missed out on at school!

Whatever the impulse that leads you to study Drama at Flinders, there is an avenue here for exploring your passions and interests in an enlivening environment. Welcome to Drama at Flinders!