English can be taken as a major sequence within the Bachelor of Arts.




The study of literature can assist students to think critically and creatively:

  • It trains students in the ability to shape their opinions with a real sense of human consequences.
  • It offers an understanding of the nature and power of literature, and the way texts may shape attitudes to race, to gender, and to social and economic relationships.
  • It enhances the ability to present views clearly and persuasively, and to analyse the arguments of others.

Few literatures are as rich and diverse as literature in the English language, and we explore this in many topics offered by the Flinders University department of English, Creative Writing, and Australian Studies.



A major sequence in English as part of the BA consists of 9 units of first-year English topics, and 27 units of upper level topics. Topics in First Year review a wide range of texts and periods in literature, from Shakespeare to contemporary writing. Emphasis is given to students’ development of skills in written expression and critical approaches to texts. In Second and Third Years, students may choose from topics ranging from eleventh century literature through to twenty-first century literature; topics that focus on life writing, the literary canon, and ones that examine the transposition of literature to the screen.


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Creative Writing

Creative writing can be taken as a major sequence within the Bachelor of Arts. Flinders also offers a Bachelor of Creative Arts, which includes a Creative Writing stream designed for students already planning a career in the arts and communication industries. With the Creative writing major, pathways exist for students to move from undergraduate study in writing to the Graduate Diploma in Research Methods or research MA and PhD.




The study of creative writing helps students develop the creative, practical, critical and collaborative skills necessary to pursue a career in the communication and creative industries or to advance to Honours or higher degree study. These core skills will be complemented by the skills and knowledge acquired by students taking related literary studies topics in addition to those in other BA disciplines. The major, then, will develop flexible, independent thinkers capable of analysing problems from different perspectives and of critical evaluation of their own and their peers’ work. Graduating creative writing majors will be able to demonstrate a variety of skills and will have a portfolio of their creative achievements that will make them attractive to employers in the arts and communication industries. In conjunction with an English or other BA major, it will prepare them to be trained as teachers.

Creative Writing topic offerings range from Prose Fiction and Life Writing.

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