Birdland by Simon Stephen - 19 - 22 July Birdland (PDF 976KB)

12th International Conference on Greek Research - 23-24 June  

Soft Power and the Worldwide Promotion of Chinese Language Learning - 15 June Soft Power (PDF 135KB)

Ruth & Vincent Megaw Lecture in Archaeology & Art - Braiding Strands of Wellness: Archaeology, Art and Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Learning by Dr Sonya Atalay - 4 May Megaw Lecture 2017 (PDF 1MB)

Humanities & Creative Arts Prize Ceremony - 19 April 

WHIP Postgraduate Conference - 11-12 April

Adelaide University/Flinders University Joint Philosophy Seminar Program - Beyond Argument: on the ethical role of "seeing-as" experiences - 3 March

Department of Screen and Media Seminar - 27 February Screen and Media (PDF 463KB)



12th Latin American Film Festival in Australia - Weeknights 4 -18 November 

Archaeology at Flinders 15 November Arch 25 years (PDF 236KB)

Drama Showcase Adelaide 3 November - Sydney 10 November Drama Showcase (PDF 362KB)

Pendopo Gamelan concert 29 October Pendopo Concert (PDF 349KB)

Step Back! 1966 in review - Scott Hicks 20 October Scott Hicks.pdf (PDF 474KB)

Icebreaker16 hosted by the New Venture Institute 19 October 

Wal Cherry Lecture 14 October Wal Cherry Flyer web.pdf (PDF 598KB)

2016 ASILE Conference 30 September - 2 October

GRAIL book launch by Rosalba Clemente. 7 September Grail (PDF 435KB)

FATFA/SAFTA (Federation of Associations of Teachers of French in Australia) Conference 29 September - 2 October

Romance Writers of Australia Conference 19-21 August

Step Back! 1966 in review - Way Out: Mad Men on the Moon 4 August Way Out (PDF 581KB)

Persona  - A collection of short experimential films cross the fields of avant-garde, surrealist and non-narrative films by Screen and Media students. 1 - 5 August

Exhibition "My Favourite Thing" Curated by Flinders Archaeology Department Open till July 17

Community Voices Launch 12 July  Community Voices Program 2016 (PDF 638KB)

President of the American Academy of Religion "Revolutionary love". Department of Theology  11 July

Step Back! 1966 in review - The Tyranny of Distance 9 June Tyranny of Distance (PDF 555KB)

Reading Resilience  - The Writing Across the Curriculum & Inside the Disciplines Community of Practice is pleased to present the next in our the series of Collegial Keynotes, Building Reading Resilience. Dr Tully Barnett and Assoc prof Kate Doublas will introduce the concept of Reading Resilience. 13 May

Australian Aboriginal women’s autobiographies with specific focus on the literature of The Stolen Generations: a global perspective. Dr Christine Nicholls 11 May

WHIP Conference 19 - 20 April WHIP Program (PDF 437KB)

School of Humanities and Creative Arts Prize Ceremony  12 April Prize Ceremony (PDF 145KB)

Technologies of Memory and Affect 12 April Technologies of Memory and Affect (PDF 139KB)

Step Back! 1966 in review - The Crying of Lot 49 7 April Step Back The crying of lot.pdf (PDF 411KB)

Umberto Eco: An evening to remember 22 March Umberto Eco_flyer.pdf (PDF 1MB)

Shakespeare and Livecast Cinema 21 March Shakespeare (PDF 720KB)

Silent Hamlet 21 March Silent Hamlet_web.pdf (PDF 228KB)

Step Back! 1966 in review - Django 25 February Step Back! 1966 in Review - Django.pdf (PDF 483KB)



Locating Lives 1-3 December

11th Latin American Film Festival in Australia 6 - 20 November

Australian Book Review / Flinders University Annual Lecture 5 November

Pendopo Gamelan Concert 31 October

The Annual Aristotelian Celebration 28 October

Archaeology Laboratory opening 22 October

Political Philosophy Workshop 2 October  Political Philosophy (PDF 299KB)

A Dante Celebration in Music 30 September

'Places and placenames' Symposium 25 September Places and placenames (PDF 278KB)

Adelaide College of Divinity 'Leadership, Lifestyle and The Book of Acts' 26 August Leadership, Lifestyle and The Book of Acts (PDF 369KB)

'Whaddaya Know' Writings for Syd Harrex 21 August

ABR Shannon Burns in conversation with Patrick Allington about his ABR Fellowship profile of Gerald Murnane 3 August

Greek food event 'Leonidas' 19 July

2015 ASPERA Conference 15-17 July

Moral Philosophy and Its Discontents: New Perspectives on Ethical Thought Conference 13-15 July

Drama Centre presents "The Art of War" by Stephen Jeffreys 16-19 July

Drama Centre presents "Pornography" by Simon Stephens 9-11 July

Respecting and Celebrating Black Writing and Storytelling - cohosted with Yunggorendi First Nations Centre 9 July

Public Lecture: The Futurist Contagion: Newspaper Cartoons and the Reception of Futurism in England in 1912 6 July Luca Somigliv (PDF 423KB)

11th International Conference on Greek Research 26-27 June

3rd International Conference on Ageing in a Foreign Land 24-26 June

Community voices program hosted by the Department of Screen and Media  23 June Humanities Prize 2015 (PDF 88KB)

Humanities Prize Ceremony 14 May

Moral Philosophy and Its Discontents: New Perspectives on Ethical Thought Conference 13-15 July

Locating Lives 2 June (DOCX 107KB)

Flinders University Drama Centre presents 'Melancholy Play - A Contemporary Farce' 29 April - 3 May

Guest lecture 'How gaming became sexist' 29 April

WHIP (Work - Honestly - in Progress) Postgraduate Conference 22-23 April WHIP conference 2015 (PDF 1MB)

Jeri Kroll's book launch 24 May Kroll launch invitation 2015.pdf (PDF 507KB)

Research Seminar Mary Fairclough  13 March Research Seminar Mary Fairclough (PDF 2MB)

Un Nuovo Cinema Politico Italiano book launch 3 March Un Nuova Cinema book launch (PDF 335KB)

Strut & Fret: unheard voices from the bard book launch 2 March Book launch Strut Fret (PDF 225KB)

The 21st Australasian Humour Studies Network Conference (AHSN)  4-6 February
The 21st AHSN Conference will take place at the State Library of South Australia, and will be hosted by Flinders Institute for Research in the Humanities (FIRtH).



ABC - 2014 Nick Prescott reviews

Latin American Film Festival 7 November

Breaking Beauty book launch 7 November

36th Dimitria Greek Festival 2 November

Shakespeare & Philosophy 10, 17, 24, 31 October

Bachelor of Creative Arts Degree launch 11 September
The launch of our three new Bachelor of Creative Arts Degrees, including Dance, Visual Arts and Fashion.

Rhetoric, Humour and Persuasion in Mediaeval French (9th-15th centuries) 28, 29 August

Origines et histoire du vocabulaire français 29 August

Reflections of a "Pioneering: Woman" 7 August
Presented by the Drama Department - Gale Edwards  

Screen & Media Research Seminar 8 August
Hosted by the Department of Screen & Media and Flinders Institute for Research in the Humanities. Centred on Professor Barker’s current research into worldwide audiences for The Hobbit, and engaging with his research career in film, media and cultural studies. Research Seminar - The Hobbit (PDF 1MB)

Guest Lecture in Media Histories 6 August
The Curious Case of the Iraq War Film Cycle, 2004-7 Guest Lecture in Media Histories (PDF 504KB)

Postgraduate Wellness Workshop 25 July
A seminar on wellbeing for postgraduate students. The seminar will focus on ways to deal with stress and anxiety whilst writing your thesis. Speakers will include Ben Smith from Health and Counselling.


Arden vs Arden 18-23 July
A comtemporary riff on an anonymous Elizabethan text. Based on a true story, this is a proto-Noir. Beautiful, sexy and rich Alice Arden needs to get out of a cold, loveless marriage. Together with her lover Mosbie, she ruthlessly plots her husband’s murder. Directed by Tom Healey.

Man in a Bag 18 July - 2 August
Ms Tiffany Lyndall-Knigh (Drama) will be performing in and co-directing the play Man in a Bag at the Holden Streeet Theatre.

"The Art of War" by Stephen Jeffreys - Drama Centre 16-19 July

"Pornography" by Simon Stephens - Drama Centre 9 -10 July

FIRtH Global Events Congress (GEC) VI 9 – 12 July
Global Events Congress VI (GEC VI) and the Australian Event Symposium was managed by the undergraduate and postgraduate event studies students of Flinders University and concluded on Saturday 12 July 2014. The Arts Suck (PDF 199KB)

2014 Community Voices Program 8 July
The Office of Volunteers and the Department of Screen and Media held a community voices program. Featuring the screening of television commercials and short documentaries showcasing South Australian volunteer organisations. Community Voices July 2014 (PDF 642KB)

3rd International Conference on Ageing in a Foreign Land 24-16 June

The Brian Medlin Memorial Lecture 12 June
The Preciousness of Everything: Remembering Brian Medlin’ by Professor Brian Matthews, to be followed by the launch of the book ‘Never Mind about the Bourgeoisie: the Correspondence between Iris Murdoch and Brian Medlin’ edited by Gillian Dooley and Graham Nerlich. Brian Medlin lecture June 2014 (PDF 619KB)

The Doom of Sosruquo 12-14 June
Presented by Flinders University Creative Arts Students. Written by Flinders Creative Writing students: Chloe Eckert; Grace Chipperfield; Alicia Carter; Samuel Williams Directed by: Joh Hartog Doom of Sosruquo (PDF 5MB)

Public Lecture Humour Studies 10 June
Jocular mockery and banter in everyday Australian integration. Presentation by Associate Professor Michael Haugh from Griffith University. Jocular Mockery (PDF 562KB)

Black Writing and Storytelling presented by Dr Anita Heiss co-hosted with Yunggorendi First Nations Centre 9 July


Logos Public Seminar 26 May
Live Arts & Social Unrest: the Greek crisis case"". Presented by Eugenia Tzirtzilaki
How can art be re-defined in times of crisis?Several “snapshots” will be presented from the Greek reality of the past five years, in order to discuss how the crisis has made dominant morals more conservative and social reactions more extreme, ultimately polarizing local communities. The effect of the crisis in live arts practice will serve as a case study and Ms Tzirtzilaki will share her own experience as a Greek theater maker, presenting some of her latest work.
6.30pm, Monday, 26 May, Room 2.1, Flinders in the City Victoria Square, Adelaide

Jerri Kroll's Book Launch 14 May
Jerri Kroll launches two books: ‘Workshopping the Heart’ and ‘Research Methods in Creative Writing’. Jeri Kroll Book Launch (PDF 720KB)

Research Integrity 9 May
Dr Peter Wigley (Manager, Research Ethics & Integrity, Research Services Office) will deliver a presentation entitled ‘Research integrity and the responsible conduct of research, and the handling of research misconduct’. Research Integrity (PDF 920KB)

The Odyssean Domenikos Theotokopoulos El Greco 6 May
Students from the Modern Greek Department, take us on a journey to the Odyssean life of Domenicos Theotokopoulos – El Greco, celebrating 400 years from his death. El Greko (PDF 110KB)

Philosophy Seminar - 'The Self Disruptive Mind' 2 May
Jonathan Lear argues against Freud’s idea that there is a death drive. What there is instead, Lear argues, is a purposeless subversive force which is a condition for the possibility of agency as we know it. Following Lear, I will argue that the self-disruptive nature of mind accounts both for human world-making creativity and for our ineliminable discontent.

Humanities Prize Ceremony 1 May
The annual School of Humanities and Creative Arts prize ceremony for the best students in Philosophy, English and Languages. Humanities Prize Ceremony (PDF 91KB)

W(HIP) Work Conference 23-24 April
The Flinders Work - Honestly! - In Progress Conference is an annual postgraduate conference organised by and for students in the School of Humanities and Creative Arts at Flinders University. The conference aims to foster a dynamic scholarly community in a non-threatening environment where students can present, share and receive feedback on their work-in-progress

R & V Megaw Public Lecture 12 April
Brian Fagan takes a look back at his long career, both as an African archaeologist and as an archaeological writer, and looks at the world of archaeology, past, present, and future. Megaw Public lecture (PDF 628KB)

National Archaeology Students Conference ASC Conference 11-13 April
Over 80 delegates met at Flinders University in Adelaide, South Australia to present topics of interest and the progress of current research in their chosen fields related to archaeology.


Encyclopaedia Launch 11 April
Encyclopedia of Global Archaeology, edited by Flinders University’s Professor Claire Smith, is safely on the shelf.

Logos Public Lecture 8 April
Artists on the move: “El Greco in Crete, Italy and Spain” presented by Assistance Professor Panagotis Loannou from the University of Crete.

Writers in Conversation journal launch 6 March Writers in Conversation (PDF 243KB)

ECWAS Thesis Presentation 11 March
The Secret History of Delarivier Manley and her secret history: the Secret Memoirs and Manners of Several Persons of Quality, of Both Sexes from the New Atalantis, an Island in the Mediteranean: a close reading within its political, social and cultural context." Pam Kelly "Tracing the 'trace': Edmond Jabès's "Infinite", "Exploded" Book". Suzi Hall

Humour Conference   24-25 February FIRtH Humour Studies Symposium (PDF 260KB)