Forum On Religion & Ecology @ Flinders

FORE @ Flinders is the new location of the Forum on Religion and Ecology (Australia/Pacific). FORE @ Flinders is dedicated to promoting the multidisciplinary study of religious thought, literature, ethics and practice in relation to ecology, environmental activism and sustainability. It was established in 2011 as a regional counterpart to FORE at Yale, with links to FORE in Canada, and to the European Forum for the Study of Religion and the Environment. In 2016 FORE (Australia/Pacific) has moved to Flinders University.

This website often uses the term ‘religion and ecology’ as a convenient simplification of a field that encompasses religious and spiritual perspectives, along with the science of ecology, and the social movement of environmentalism. Our use of ‘religion and ecology’ is not intended to exclude views that might not readily fit under the concept of ‘religion’, however, the website does tend to focus more on organised spirituality, i.e. religion.

The website was officially launched on October 28th 2011 as FORE @ MONASH, under the directorship of Professor Kate Rigby, with the support of Monash University. As Prof. Rigby has moved to the UK to a new Chair of Environmental Humanities at Bath Spa University,  the Australia-Pacific Forum on Religion and Ecology has migrated to Flinders University, under the directorship of Rev. Dr. Vicky Balabanski. FORE@Flinders was launched on 27 April 2016. Please visit the links for the recording and power points from that evening