Contacting Humanities and Creative Arts

Telephone: (+61 8) 8201 7900 College of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences
(+61 8) 8201 5840 Professional Practice and Postgraduate Services 

Fax: (+61 8) 8201 2784
Location: Room 211 or 252 Humanities Building, Car Park 5
Postal: Humanities and Creative Arts
Flinders University
GPO Box 2100
Opening Hours: 9am - 5pm Monday - Friday

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Assessment Submission

E-submission and return of assignments is mandatory at Flinders University. This means that you are required to submit all assignments in electronic format, generally through the FLO system, or as instructed by your Topic Coordinators (refer to Handbook for details).

Some assignments that cannot be produced electronically, such as drawings, portfolios, artefacts etc. can be submitted to the Undergraduate Student Services Office. These will be identified by the Topic Coordinator. These assignments can be submitted to the Undergraduate Student Services Office:

LOCATION: Room 211, Humanities Building, Car Park 5
OPENING HOURS: 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays)

Please note the assignment box is cleared each week day at 4pm.

When submitting an assignment manually, a cover sheet must be used:


Students can request an assignment extension online via the FLO topic page. The Topic Coordinator (or nominated person) will receive a notification where they will either approve or decline the request. If it is approved, the extension date will be automatically set in FLO. The student will receive an email that tells them if the request has been approved or not.

Students must lodge a request for an extension before the due date unless an illness or other unforeseeable serious circumstances prevent them from doing so. In this scenario a request should be made with supporting documentation within three days of the original due date for special consideration.


Humanities and Creative Arts Assessment Policies

Flinders University outlines assessment policies and procedures that apply to students and staff. Principles of assessment, definition of terms, staff and student responsibilities, and assessment procedures are set out in ‘Assessment Policy and Procedures’

In addition to the policies outlined by the University, Humanities and Creative Arts has adopted its own policies in order to expand, clarify, or augment University policies. Summaries of these policies are available in this document. We have attempted to be consistent with the University policies whenever possible, but in the event of inconsistencies or contradictions, University policy will be adhered to.

Penalties for late assignments
Late assignments which have not been granted an extension will be penalised 2 percentage points per day (or part thereof) up to a maximum of 7 calendar days or 14 days in the case of assessment pieces which must be submitted in order to pass the topic. Assignments submitted after these periods will not be marked unless an extension has been granted.

Policy for the return of work
Normally work will be returned within two weeks. In the case of casual or part-time teaching staff work may on occasion be returned within three weeks.