The College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences have the following topics offered over the summer period of 2018. Topics and dates are indicated below. Topics will be open for enrolment from Wednesday 29th November 2017. For further information and how to enrol, see Flinders Summer Topics.


ARCH8152 - Maritime Archaeological Field School

Held 27 January to 10th February 2018


COMS1001 - Academic and Professional Communication

Held 15th January – 8th February 2018


COMS1003 – Visual Communication

Held 23rd – 31st January 2018


MGRE3211 - Homer's Odyssey: Wanderings and Divine Interventions

Held 30th January - 14th February 2018


THEO3330 Religious Pluralism in a Contemporary World

Held 15th - 30th January 2018


THEO8318 Religious Pluralism in a Contemporary World GE

Held 15th - 30th January 2018


VISA1003 Studio Fundamentals

Held 15th - 25th January 2018

Please note:

  • Assessment dates will vary for each topic and the latest date for final assessment could be up to 3/3/2018.
  • Some topics will only go ahead if the minimum number of enrolments are reached.