Academic staff

Associate Professor Eric Bouvet, Maîtrise & DEA Paris VII, PhD Melb, Language, Literature and Culture Teaching Program Director. His research interests include: Second Language Aquisition, with a focus on foreign language reading and learning styles; French migration to Australia.

Dr Christele Maizonniaux, Licence et Maîtrise Tours, Master Le Mans, PhD Canberra/Grenoble, French Lecturer & Director of Studies. Her research interests include: French teaching and learning (FLE); children’s literature and culture; creative writing and life narrative; migration; technology-enhanced learning and francophonie.

Academic status

Prof. Trevor G. Fennell, Professor Emeritus

Dr Colette Mrowa-Hopkins, BEd Adel, M-es-L Paris, PhD Adel

Dr Dany Breelle MA Paris X, DEA Paris X, Agrégation, PhD Flin

Part-Time Staff

To be advised


Administration staff

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