Indonesian at Flinders

Connecting Australians with Indonesia since 1978

Flinders University has a long-standing commitment to offering world-class Indonesian language and culture studies.  The program is built on the understanding that a strong Australia-Indonesia relationship is of vital importance to Australia. Learning Bahasa Indonesia involves more than developing skills to communicate in the language; it means learning how Indonesia works, the ways people think, feel and live together, and learning more about ourselves in the process.

The Indonesian program at Flinders is based on a deep engagement with Indonesia’s language, people and culture, both within Indonesia and in the Indonesian community in Australia. The program includes many opportunities for students to get involved and apply their learning, whether through in-country study programs, excursions or events that connect Australian students with the local Indonesian community and Indonesian students studying in Adelaide. The department works closely with the Flinders Jembatan Project to innovate in building bridges between Australians and Indonesians.

Flinders is the only university in South Australia to offer Indonesian however, through cross-institutional arrangements, students from Adelaide University and the University of South Australia, can enrol in the program. Students may start as complete beginners or with limited prior knowledge of the language.

The Indonesian Department at Flinders engages extensively in service to the local Indonesian Studies and Asian Studies communities in schools and the broader community. It offers schools a range of language and cultural workshops for students and tailored professional development programs for staff. One of its most popular outreach programs involves school visits by Indonesian post-graduate students from Flinders. We also promote Indonesia-Australia relations through two public performances each year in the Flinders University Pendopo, engagement with the annual IndoFest and OzAsia festivals, involvement in Indonesian community celebrations and a Biennial Bush holiday.