The study of Modern Greek Language and Culture provides the individual with the key to understanding the importance of the hellenic tradition for the European intellectual development.

Hellenism is Europe's cultural heritage: it shares the literary, philosophical, aesthetic and scientific masterpieces of a remarkable civilisation with an intellectual continuity of 3000 years.

This heritage defines European ethos, its origins, and its multi-dimensional development, collectively and individually around the world.

Modern Greek offers a complete major in Modern Greek Studies towards the Bachelor of Arts , Bachelor of Science (Flinders & Adelaide Universities), Bachelor of Education , Bachelor of Arts-Honours, Masters and Ph.D. degrees (Flinders University). In addition, students can take any Modern Greek subject offered as a minor or as an elective, if they require points to complete their degrees, either through their own institution or cross - institutionally.

Flinders’ Modern Greek is taught on campus at both Flinders University, as well as at the University of Adelaide through an outreach program.  As Modern Greek Studies at Flinders offers a specially developed on-line program students at any university are able to access these resources through cross-institutional enrolment, including Griffith University, the Australian National University and Monash University

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LOGOS Modern Greek Scholarships: Undergraduate - Postgraduate