The LOGOS Australian Centre for Hellenic Language and Culture is a newly established centre for the training and promotion of Greek language teaching.

Announced by the former Premier Mike Rann in July 2011, “the promotion and preservation of Greek language and culture will be the focus of a new national centre at Flinders University”. The Centre will receive funding of $600,000 over four years from the South Australian Government, as well as the support of the Greek Government.

Professor Tsianikas, director of the centre explained, “The Greek word, logos, has a broad range of meanings – but, essentially, it refers to any idea that has the power to move people and ideas.  Our aspirations for the LOGOS Centre are to not only move young people to pursue studies in Modern Greek but to strengthen Australia’s economic and social ties with Greece through the promotion of Greek traditions, music and culture". 

The purpose of the Centre is to preserve and promote the Greek language and culture in Australia by strengthening connections between people of Australia and Greece, inspiring younger generations to excel and to support the Australian Greek communities to grow.  LOGOS is the most important institution of its type in Australia


The Centre is supported by:

  • The Greek Government
  • The Chalkidikeon Society of South Australia
  • The Georgios and Nektaris Mavragelos Research Scholarship
  • The Karytinos Family and Olympic Industries Scholarship            



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