Did you know that you can study Modern Greek online?

Flinders University Modern Greek Department offers an online program for all students who wish to study Modern Greek. All learning materials are published online and regular online interaction with lecturers, tutors and other students is a feature of the program.

Programs available:
MGRE1201 & MGRE1202: Introductory Modern Greek
MGRE2201 & MGRE2202: Intermediate Modern Greek
MGRE3201 & MGRE3202: Upper Intermediate Modern Greek

There are also 2 culture topics available online
MGRE2214: Greek Mythology: Gods, heroes and mortals
MGRE2213: From the Point of View of Alexandria

LOGOS is a state-of-the-art approach to language studies that will influence the way Modern Greek and other languages are taught in Australia.  Further topics are currently under development and will be available soon.

For further information please contact:
Dr Maria Palaktsoglou, Director of Studies, (+61 8) 8201 5960 maria.palaktsoglou@flinders.edu.au or
Professor Michael Tsianikas, Director, (+61 8) 8201 3850 michael.tsianikas@flinders.edu.au

or follow the instructions to enroll here.

LOGOS is also offering Modern Greek Scholarships.

The above topics are also delivered in distance mode which builds on the successful partnership the Modern Greek department currently has with Charles Darwin University in the Northern Territory and its newly established partnership with Griffith University in Queensland.
For further information on Charles Darwin University see (PDF 60KB) .

More information about studying Modern Greek and available scholarships for Modern Greek students at Griffith University. Please review the Modern Greek Studies Flowchart (PDF 206KB)

Flinders University is extremely grateful for the support from The Greek Government who have provided an additional staff position within the Modern Greek Department at Flinders.

The team:

Professor Michael Tsianikas: Director, LOGOS Australian Centre for Hellenic Language & Culture
Dr Maria Palaktsoglou: Director of Studies
Antonios Litnas: Associate Lecturer
Marianthi Kosmarikou: Tutor and Online material writer
Maria Shialis: Postgraduate student and tutor
Layla Plummer: Administrator