Students’ feedback from previous years

"The Crete educational program, gave me the opportunity to improve my skills in the Greek language. The teachers were very helpful and nice. Other students at Rethymno University are also very helpful and friendly. Without a doubt in my mind, one of the best experiences of my life, and will try my hardest to do it again next year!
“The 3-week in-country program was truly the most amazing experience for me! I absolutely loved every minute of this trip as it allowed me to form strong friendships with the other students and gave me the chance to immerse myself into the Greek culture through food, language, music and history. With the help of the wonderful teachers at the university, I was able to strengthen my skills in the Greek language. I highly recommend this trip to anyone studying Greek!”
“The in Crete programme was overall an amazing experience. I learnt a lot about the history and culture of Crete as well as enjoyed the island's beautiful beaches, views and tasty food!"
“Studying at the University of Crete was an incredible experience that I will never forget. It allowed me to improve my Greek and make new friendships. I became immersed in the Cretan culture through exploring the small town of Rethymno, talking to locals, and trying amazing foods. ”

“The Rethymno University campus provided the perfect location with breathtaking views overlooking the old town of Rethymno and the Sea of Crete beyond. The high quality teaching, friendly locals and abundance of delicious food made for a very enjoyable three weeks. I would highly recommend the in-country program to any student who may be considering it for next year. It was a fantastic, eye opening experience! ”
“ The 3 week in-country programme in Rethymno, Crete, was truly the greatest time of my life. Being immersed in both language and culture studies was the greatest possible way to really learn and grow. The moments that the magical Greek lifestyle, Cretan summer, dancing, music, nature and my new little family gave me will remain with me for the rest of my life … and I ‘m waiting for the day I return home (in Crete)!”
“The Crete in-country programme is a fantastic opportunity for Modern Greek students. The high quality of teaching, coupled with the immersion into the local culture, is a great learning experience. The Rethymno campus provides a beautiful setting for the programme and a good insight into the life of university students in Greece."
“The experience itself was amazing and I will forever cherish the memories made. It was a good way to make new friends with the students from Australia and the locals in Crete. I was able to really embrace and take in the Greek Culture. I feel like I really got the most out of it since I was studying the language, living at the uni and having lots of spare time to explore Crete. It helped me understand the culture more and pick up a lot of the language too.”
“The trip was an amasing experience that I really enjoyed. I feel like my Greek really improved from being in Greece, and having class every day. Also, making a lot of new friends was an amasing aspect of the trip. In class, Maria could have spoken more English, because at times it was difficult to understand what she was saying, and when asked to explain she would explain in Greek, which was confusing.”
"The Crete trip was a great and unique experience. We learnt a lot about the Greek language and culture from the university classes. However, exploring the beautiful city of Rethymno and talking to the friendly locals taught us things about Greece that you won't get from a classroom. I would encourage all Modern Greek students to consider this program. It has changed my life!"