Through studying Modern Greek, students in all study areas will discover the multiple dimensions of cultural continuity within the contexts of European Cultural Heritage in Australia. This heritage includes Greek words and epistemological concepts in biology and philosophy, aesthetics and ethics, anthropology and psychology. For career prospects in Australia and overseas, a tertiary qualification in Modern Greek is considered an advantage for employment opportunities in Government and Social Services, Primary and Secondary Education, in Telecommunications, International Business and Information Technology. In addition, Greece's historically important geo-political position in Europe - plus its full membership in the European Common Market - offers the qualified bilingual an ideal opportunity for maintaining culturally-relevant Greek-Australian business relations.

Why Study Greek Now   Interview with Professor Michael Tsianikas from

Student Evaluation

"I completed my Bachelor of Arts Degree at Flinders University in 1997 majoring in Modern Greek. Over a period of six months after completing my studies, there were at least two position in which I applied where I could use my Greek and they were in the areas of multiculturalism and social welfare.

One of these positions was for a Greek-speaking person to work for a local MP. I knew this would be a good opportunity for me to apply knowing that language was an important criterion which would eliminate many other applicants for the position who did not speak Greek.

I was hired by a Federal Member for Hindmarsh who has a very large number of Greek-speaking constituents and it did not take long before I became very familiar with the local electorate. I am very glad that I undertook Greek Studies at Flinders University as it has provided me with a specialised area in administration and a face in the local community."

Esther Grigoriou (major in Modern Greek)


Anthony Kalogerinis works at the City of Burnside as a Senior Assets Engineer. After many years away from uni, Anthony started to think about going back to study part-time. Anthony undertook Modern Greek.

“It was an opportunity to improve my somewhat nominal grasp of the language, and was my first experience with Flinders University.” Anthony was immediately struck by the close interaction between the lecturer and the students, something that he hadn’t experienced in his other courses. “My lecturers were passionate about what they taught and that passion had a way of infecting the rest of us.” This was of immense value to Anthony. “The pressures of balancing work and study have been manageable both through the support of Flinders University staff and the shift from internal to online study.” I’ve enjoyed Modern Greek so much that upon completion of my studies, I’m seriously considering furthering my knowledge of Modern Greek in some capacity via the workforce.”

Anthony Kalogerinis Flinders student of Modern Greek and senior assets engineer at the City of Burnside (SA)