Volume 1 Issue 1 December 1995

Tribute to Rebecca Bailey-Harris
Anthony P Moore

Sterilisation, Children and the Constitution
Rebecca Bailey-Harris

Principled Sentencing in South Australia - Armed Robbery and the Quest for Consistency
Martin Hinton

The Motto of the Flinders Law Students' Association -Neminem Oportet Esse Sapientiorem Legibus
Peter Kelly

Recent Reform of South Australian Mental Health Legislation: "Third Wave" or "First Wave" Revisited?
Alan Leaver

Uniform Consumer Credit Legislation - Future Relevance of Solutions to Past Problems?
Anthony P Moore

Can We Make Sense of Drug Laws in Australia? A Case Study of the South Australian Legislation
Christopher Reynolds

And (Industrial) Justice for All? Protecting Workers Against Unfair Dismissal
Andrew Stewart

Volume 1 Issue 2 April 1997

Sentence Discount for a Guilty Plea: Time for a New Look
Kathy Mack and Sharon Roach Anleu

Gendered Stereotypes and Unconscionability - Can We Trust the Judges to Get It Right?
Bibi Sangha and Bob Moles

Public Law Accountability Measures for Corporations
Julian Blanchard

Bankruptcy Reform: The Significance of Systematic Data and Consultative Processes in Developing Our Bankruptcy Law
Keith Bennetts

Cold War Defence Legislation in the Current Australian Context: Dinosaur or Civil Liberties Disaster?
Mary Heath

Law and Disability - Rhetoric and Reality
Ian Bidmeade

Volume 1 Issue 3 May 1997

Special Issue - Justice Denied: Children and Access to Legal Representation


Tina Dolgopol

Address by the Attorney-General and Minister for Consumer Affairs The Hon K Trevor Griffin

Brisbane Youth Advocacy Centre - Providing Access to Justice for Young People
Gwenn Murray

A Perspective from the Community Legal Services
Chris Butler

Children and Youth Legal Services - Why We Need Them
Sally Castell-McGregor

The Jigsaw of Justice - A Place for Children and Young People
Jennifer Harvey

The Children's and Youth Legal Service of South Australia
David Ferraro

Justice for Children: The Obligations of Society, Lawyers and Law Schools
Ustinia Dolgopol