Volume 10 Issue 3 (2007/8)

Special Edition : Conference Proceedings and Select Papers
20th Annual Conference of the Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology (ANZSOC) held in Adelaide, 23rd to 26th September 2007

Guest Editors: Joy Wundersitz & Christina Son



Policing in the Public and Private Domain

Contractualism and Policing in the Public Interest
Julie Ayling

Policing the ‘Bastard Boys’: Reality and Significance of the Police-Union ‘Accord’ during the National Waterfront Dispute
David Baker

Fit for Purpose: Working with the Community to strengthen Policing in Victoria, Australia
John Casey and David Pike

Developments in the Australian Private Security Industry
Tim Prenzler, Rick Sarre and Karen Earle

Police Education Past and Present: Perceptions of Australian Police Managers and Academics
Delaine Trofymowych

Risk Assessment and Regulation in Theory and Practice

It’s all about risk, isn’t it? Science, politics, public opinion and regulatory reform
Fiona Haines, Adam Sutton and Chris Platania-Phung

Theoretically Sustainable Risks
Rhain Buth

Regulating our Natural Resources?
Troy Colling and Warren Christensen

What Once Was Old is New Again: Reviving an Early-Modern Form of Interdisciplinarity for Socio-Legal Studies
Gary Wickham and Gavin Kendall


Terrorism and Ideology

Tracing the Evolutionary Roots of Modern Islamic Radicalism and Militancy
Haroro J. Ingram

Academic Terror: Ideology in Analysis
Joey Kurtschenko

The USA Patriot Acts (et al): Collective Amnesia, Paranoia and Convergent, Oligarchic Legislation in the ‘Politics of Fear’
Kym Thorne and Alex Kouzmin


Courts and Corrections

Passports to advantage: Health and capacity building as a basis for social integration
Stuart A. Kinner

The Revolving Door of Penal Institutions – A Narration of Lived Experience
Alison Thompson

Legal Services and Neo-Liberalism in an Unequal Legal Order
Stephen Tomsen

Measuring Offender Discount Rates
Andrew Torre


Responding to Indigenous Offenders

The Case for Single Cells and Alternative Ways of viewing Custodial Accommodation for Australian Aboriginal Peoples
Elizabeth Grant and Paul Memmott

Approaching Responsivity: The Victorian Department of Justice and Indigenous Offenders
Claire Spivakovsky


Young People’s Experience of the Criminal Justice System

An Exploration of the Experience of Interaction between the Police and Juvenile Offenders in Taiwan
Chen, Chih-Ching and Hsu, Hua-Fu

Bail Supervision and Young People: Pathway or Freeway?
Steve Mather


Policy and its Effect on Crime Prevention

The Prevention of Bushfire Arson through Target Hardening
Warren Christensen

Evaluating the Australasian Consumer Fraud Awareness Month 2007
Russell G Smith and Tabor Akman


Crime and Justice – The ‘Taiwan’ Experience

A Study on Factors Affecting the Abstention of Drug Abuse in Private Rehabilitation Institutes in Taiwan — Operation Dawn Taiwan as an Example
, Hung, Yu-Jhen and Liao,Fu-Cun

Strategies for Preventing Drug Recidivism Cycle in Taiwan
Jih-Chiao Chu, Hsien-Chi Cheng, Jennifer (Lin-Lin) Khoo, Chieh-Hsiung Chang,, Jin-Yi Chiou and Chun-Sheng Chien

Smuggling Hot Spots in Taiwan: An Empirical Study of Illegal Immigration of Mainland Chinese Females to Taiwan
Wang-Ting Lin and Cathy Tzu-Hsing Chen


Crime Statistics and Road Crashes

Cannabis and the Risk of Crash Involvement Differences between Groups of Drivers: Offences Contrasted with Crashes
Matthew Baldock, C N Kloeden, R W G Anderson and Paul Hutchinson


The Impact of Demographics on Crime Trends

Australian Crime Trends and Population Ageing; a Quantified Perspective
Lisa Rosevear