Volume 11 Issue 1 June 2009


Mind Death: South Australia, PVS and the Law
Brian Stoffell

Righting Wrongful Convictions with DNA Innocence Testing: Proposals for Legislative Reform in Australia
Lynne Weathered and Robyn Blewer

Ten Requirements for Successful Law Reform
Hon Michael Kirby

Reforming the Surrogacy Laws of Australia: Some Thoughts, Consideration and Alternatives
Kathleen Simmonds

Book Review:

Victim: A Juridical Approach
Michael O’Connell

Volume 11 Issue 2 September 2009


Land rights, native and the ‘limits’ of recognition: Getting the balance right?
Elliot Johnston Tribute Lecture May 2008
Graeme Neate

‘Delenda Est Carthago!’ Sir Robert Richard Torrens and his Attack on the Evils of Conveyancing and Dependent Land Title: a Refection on the Sesquicentenary of the Introduction of his Great Law Reforming Initiative
Alex Castles Lecture August 2008
Rosalind Croucher


Hindering Police, Failing to Stop, and the Act – Omission Distinction
Francine Feld and Robert Hayes

Law Reform as a Legal Transplant: The South Australian Ballot in Australia and in America 1856-1910
David Clark