Volume 12 Number 1, July 2010


Paradise Lost: But the Station is Always There
Steven Churches

State Interference with Liberty: The Scope and Accountability of Australian Powers to Detain During a Pandemic
Christina Pelkas

A ‘Watch Dog’ of Australia’s Counter-Terrorism Laws – The Coming of the National Security Legislation Monitor
Andrew Lynch and Nicola McGarrity

An Examination of the Arguments For and Against the Use of Suspended Sentences
Lorana Bartels

Book Review:

Inside Lawyers’ Ethics
Rachel Spencer

Volume 12 Number 2, December 2010


Opposing What? Nature, Purposes and Questions of Reform of the Opposition Decision in the Patent System
Chris Dent

An Indication of Injustice: An Analysis of the Problems Inherent to Maintaining the Sentence Indication Scheme in Victoria’s Higher Courts
Asher Flynn

Recent Developments in Cannabis Law Reform: The Rise and Fall of the Cannabis Infringement Notice Scheme in Western Australia
Greg Swensen and Thomas Crofts

The Shared Land Information Platform in Western Australia: A Blueprint for Sustainable Management of Land?
Justine Bell