Volume 14 Number 1, July 2012


Arab Countries’ (Under) Participation in the WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism.

Bashar Malkawi

British American Tobacco Australia Services Limited v Laurie (2011) – Applying the Apprehended Bias Rule.

Laura Wilson

‘Beauty’ and ‘The Beast’: Analogising Between Cosmetic Surgery and Female Genital Mutilation.

Theodore Bennett

The Australian Ballot in New Zealand: A Study in Legal Transplantation.

David Clark

Asbestosis and Fear of Cancer in the United States: What are the Lessons?

Rohan Price

Volume 14 Number 2, December 2012


Is the ‘Golden Rule' of Full Prosecution Disclosure a Modern ‘Mission Impossible'?

David Plater and Lucy de Vreeze

Jurisprudence of Secrecy: Wainohu and Beyond.

Greg Martin

Population Ageing: How Could it Shape the Future of Crime and Justice in Australia?

Lisa Rosevear 

Reviewing Reforms to the Law of Suspended Sentences in the Australian Capital Territory.

Lorana Bartels and Simon Rice

Mercy or Right? Post-Appeal Petitions in Australia.

Bibi Sangha and Robert Moles

Intersections of Planning and Morality in the Regulation and Regard of Brothels in New South Wales.

Penny Crofts and Jason Prior

Indigenous Sentencing Outcomes: A Comparative Analysis of the Nunga and Magistrates Courts in South Australia.

Christine Bond and Samantha Jeffries

Student Contemporary Comment

Judge Hora's A-Team and Appropriate Dispute Resolution in Schools: An Opportunity for Young People to Contribute to the Policy Process.

Krisha Brandon