Volume 15 Number 1, July 2013


Stop the Presses, But Not the Tweets: Why Australian Judicial Officials Should Permit Journalists to Use Social Media in the Courtroom.

Marilyn Krawitz

Regulatory Reforms of Australia's Offshore Oil and Gas Sector After the Montara Commission of Inquiry: What About Transboundary Environmental Impact Assessment?

Simon Marsden

The Schleswig-Holstein Question of the Criminal Law Finally Resolved? An Examination of South Australia's New Approach to the Use of Bad Character Evidence in Criminal Proceedings.

David Plater, Lucy Line and Rhiannon Davies

The Defence of Acquiescence to a Breach of Trust.

Tamara Economou

Minimum Hours for Secondary School Casuals in the Retail Industry - The Problem of Discrimination and Social Inclusion.

Karen Streckfuss


Elliott Johnston, Social Values and Justice.

Elliott Johnston Memorial Lecture August 2012

Michael Kirby


Volume 15 Number 2, December 2013

Special Issue Articles:

Nuclear Weapons and the Civilian Use of Nuclear Energy.

Grant Niemann

Low-Yield Tactical Nuclear Weapons and the Rule of Distinction.

Susan Breau

Nuclear Deterrence Theory – A Threat to Inflict Terror.

Sue Wareham 

Towards Eliminating Nuclear Weapons: Locating the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement in the Shifting Legal Landscape.

Helen Durham and Yvette Zegenhagen

Exploring the Capacity of the NPT to Achieve Universal Disarmament Through a Case Study of India’s Engagement with Nuclear Non-Proliferation.

Eftihia Popovich

General Articles:

‘Innocent Victim of Circumstance’ or ‘a very Devil Incarnate’? The Trial and Execution of Elizabeth Woolcock in South Australia in 1873.

David Plater, Joanna Duncan and Sue Milne

Governance and Non-For-Profits: Regulatory Reform.

Vivienne Brand, Jeff Fitzpatrick and Sulette Lombard

Human Rights in Colonial Queensland.

Duane Ostler