Volume 17 Number 1, July 2015


Re-orientating Human Rights Meanings and Understandings?: Reviving and Revisiting Australian Human Rights Exceptionalism Through a Liberal  Democratic Rights Agenda.

Greg Carne

Australian Muslims: The Role of Islamic Law and Integration of Muslims into Australian Society.

Hossein Esmaeili

Young People’s Perceptions of the Risks of Methamphetamine Use in Adelaide Nightclubs: A Quantitative Study.

Andrew Groves

Rethinking the No Definition Consensus and the Would Have Been Binding Assumption Pertaining to Security Council Resolution 1373.

Wondwossen D Kassa


Volume 17 Number 2, December 2015

Miscarriages of Justice | Special Issue


Introduction to Symposium on Wrongful Convictions

Kent Roach and Bibi Sangha 

A Repository of Wrongful Convictions in Australia: First Steps Toward Estimating Prevalence and Causal Contributing Factors

Rachel Dioso-Villa 

The Wrongful Conviction of Indigenous People in Australia and Canada

Kent Roach 

Expert Opinions and Evidence: A Perspective from Forensic Pathology

Stephen Cordner 

A Closer look at Honeysett: Enhancing Our Forensic Science and Medicine Jurisprudence

Gary Edmond                               

Institutional Reform in the Context of Criminal Appeals in South Australia

Robert Moles                               

Comparative Reflections on Miscarriages of Justice in Australia and Canada

Kent Roach

The Eastman Case: Implications for an Australian Criminal Cases Review Commission

David Hamer

The Statutory Right to Second or Subsequent Criminal Appeals in South Australia and Tasmania

Bibi Sangha 

Reflections on the Role of Innocence Organisations in Australia

Lynne Weathered


Professor Kent Roach

University of Toronto


Ms Bibi Sangha

Flinders University