Volume 18

Volume 18, Number 1 July 2016



A History of Repudiating Metaphors in Australian Parliamentary Debates.

Derek Dalton


Using China’s Experience to Speculate Upon the Future Possibility of Special Economic Zones (Sezs) Within the Planned Development of Northern Australia.

Jeffrey F Fitzpatrick and Zhang Jian


Legal Ethics in the Negotiation Environment: A Synopsis.

Mark J Rankin


Addressing Ableism in Workplace Policies and Practices: The Case for Disability Standards in Employment.

Penelope S Scott



 A Leader in the Struggle for Justice.

Catherine Branson





Volume 18, Number 2, December 2016

SPECIAL ISSUE: Based on papers from the 2015 Law and Society Association of Australia and New Zealand (LSAANZ) Conference



Deirdre Howard-Wagner and Margaret Davies


Plenary Address:

"Is Law Inside or Out? And why does it matter"?

Lynn Mather



"Managing Work and Family in the Judiciary: Metaphors and Strategies"

Sharyn Roach Anleu and Kathy Mack


"Reading the Archive: Historians as Expert Witnesses"

Trish Luker


"Architecting Aboriginal Access to Justice: The Courts as Doors to the Law"

Julian R Murphy


"Turning Emergency Powers Inside Out: Are Extraordinary Powers Creeping into Ordinary Legislation"?

Sascha Mueller


"Bringing the Outsiders in: Why Socio-Legal Scholars should be part of Tax Law Reform Debates"

Megan Vine


"Can the Concept of Social Licence to Operate find its way into the Formal Legal System"?

Chilenye Nwapi


"Hot in Helsinki: Exploring Legal Geographies in a DIY Sauna"

Susan Bird, Malin Fransberg and Vesa Peipinen