Volume 7 Issue 1

Special Edition: Residential Tenancies

Comprising a selection of papers prepared for the Fourth Australasian Conference of Tenancy Tribunals and Associated Bodies, held in Adelaide in September 2001.


The Evolving Common Law of Native Title
Michele Slatter

The Hon K Trevor Griffin

Conference Opening Remarks
The Hon K Trevor Griffin

Refereed Papers:

Rented Housing Law: Past, Present and Future
Adrian Bradbrook

Sustainable Tenancies: From Public To Private?
Michele Slatter and Mary Crearie

Tenant Lists, Tenant Risks: Rental Databases and Housing Policy in Australia
Tim Seelig

An Analysis of The Private Rental Investment Market: Some Preliminary Findings
Valerie Kupke, Peter Rosini, Wayne Marano and Paul Kershaw

Patterns, Processes and Implications for Policy: The Private Rental Sector in Australia
Lisel O’Dwyer

Non-Refereed Papers:

Rent Assistance Recipients and the Private Rental Market: Who Are They and How Do They Fare?
Maryanne Wulff

The Provider Perspective: Policy Solutions to Encourage Investors
Mavis Florence

The Provider Perspective: Renting Problems? Give Lessors a Fair Deal!
Gabriel Keleny

Locked Out: Do Aboriginal People Have Real Housing Choice?

Round My Place: Young People and Private Rental In South Australia
Jane Roland

A Tale of Two Cities: Legal Protection for Rooming/ Boarding House Residents in Victoria and New South Wales
Colleen Power
and Peter Mott

Residents of New South Wales Inland Parks: A Pilot Research Project on Access and Policy Issues for New South Wales Inland Residential Parks
Joy Connor

Tasmania — A Residential Tenancy Overview
Roger Willee

Book Review

Home Truths
Blair Badcock and Andrew Beer

General Articles


Why the History of Australian Law is not English:
Second Alex Castles Lecture in Legal History, October 2000
Bruce Kercher

‘From A Hard Place: Negotiating A Softer Terrain’:
Sixth Elliot Johnston Tribute Lecture
Irene Watson


The Edge of Palliative Care: Certainty, But At What Price?Ben White and LindyWillmott 225

Montgomery : Implications for Eisner and Myer
Paul Kenny

The Final Balance Sheet? The International Criminal Court’s Challenges And Concessions To The Westphalian Model Reparations
Jackson Maogoto


Responsive Law Reform Initiatives by Students On Clinical Placement at La Trobe Law
Liz Curran