Volume 9 Issue1 June 2006


The Federal Court of Australia and its Contribution to the Federal Civil Justice System
Visiting Judicial Fellow Public Lecture June 2005
The Hon Justice Susan Kiefel

The Role of the Judge: — Judicial Activism and the Rule of the Law October 2005
The Hon Justice Raymond Finkelstein


The Law and LORE of the Australian Civil Jury and Civil Justice System
Jacqueline Horan

Patent Evergreening in Australia after the Australia–US Free Trade Agreement: Floodgates or Fallacy?
Rhonda Chesmond 

Lawyers And Doctors: Entitlement to Breach Confidentiality
Andrew Alston

Manslaughter by Managers: The Personal Liability of Company Officers for Death Flowing from Company Workplace Safety Breach
Neil Foster

Volume 9 Issue2 December 2006


From Rhetoric to Reconciliation — Addressing The Challenge of Equality For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in Criminal Justice Processes
Tom Calma

The Historical Necessity of Law Reform
David Weisbrot AM


The Case for Felony Murder 
Prue Bindon

The Ending of Impunity and the Fight for Justice:For Victims of Human Rights Violations: A Chasm too Great to be Crossed?
Katherine Hooper

Responding to the Challenge of Multiculturalism:Islamic Law Courses in Law School Curricula In Australasia
Ann Black  and Jamila Hussain

Review Essay:

The Life Cycle of Law Reform 
Jeffrey Barnes