The University and the Law School are keen for academic staff to participate in contract and consulting activities as a way of contributing to the wider community. Law School staff have specialised skills which are available to clients outside the university under fixed-term consultancies or contracts.

In the last few years, members of the Law School have engaged in consultancies for a wide range of organisations at state, national and international levels. These include:


South Australian Attorney-General's Department, Courts Administration Authority of South Australia; Dept of Primary Industries and Resources (PIRSA), District Court of South Australia; South Australian Auditor-General; South Australian Division of State Aboriginal Affairs; South Australian Department for Families and Communities; South Australian Department of Environment and Heritage; South Australian Office of the Status of Women; South Australian Department of Health; SA Lotteries, Motor Accident Commission of South Australia; New South Wales Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research; Safe Work SA, Victorian Ombudsman; Western Australian Department of Health; Workplace Services, James Cook University; City of Melbourne; Bellberry Human Research Ethics committee, Australian Institute of Social Relations, City of Brimbank; Traineeship and Apprenticeship Management, Safework SA, NSW Law Reform Commission; the Equal Opportunity Commission and the Public Service Association; Amadeus Education; various law firms. 


Australian Institute of Judicial Administration; Australian Council of Trade Unions, Commonwealth Attorney-General's Department; Commonwealth Department of Health; Australian Health Ethics Committee; Australian Centre for the Study of Sexual Assault; Criminology Research Council; Family Court of Australia; Australian Federal Police; National Public Health Partnership; various law firms.  


United Nations Development Programme; Lawyers' Committee for Human Rights; Open Society Justice Initiative; Government of the Republic of Colombia; Ministry of the Interior, Turkey; New Zealand Law Society; New Zealand Legal Services Board; District Court of Hong Kong; Equal Opportunity Commission of Hong Kong; City University of Hong Kong; The Women's Initiatives for Gender Justice.