Previous national/international grants awarded to staff include:

Criminological Research and Research Ethics Committees (Criminology Research Council 2006)
Professor  Mark Israel , Assoc Prof Wendy Rogers, Assoc Annette Braunack-Mayer, Dr Jackie Street

Judicial Officers and Workload Allocation 

(ARC Linkage Grant 2006-2010)
Professor Kathy Mack , Sharyn Roach Anleu

The Australian Judiciary: A National Socio-Legal Analysis (ARC Discovery Grant 2006-2008)
Professor Kathy Mack , Sharyn Roach Anleu

Legal and Policy Responses to Anti-social Behaviour in England and Australia (British Academy/Association of Commonwealth Universities Grant for International Collaboration 2006)
Michele Slatter , C Hunter, J. Nixon.

Policing the Neighbourhood: Australian Police Peace-keeping, Capacity-building, and Development in Timor-Leste, Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea (ARC Linkage Project 2005-2007)
Industry partner: The Australian Federal Police
Professor Andrew Goldsmith , Dr Sinclair Dinnen, Abby McLeod

Recidivism and repeat incarceration among young male offenders (ARC Discovery Project 2005-2008)
Dr Mark Halsey

New Concepts in Legal Pluralism: A Theoretical and Practical Analysis (ARC Discovery Project 2004-2006)
Professor Margaret Davies

The Award Safety Net of the Australian Industrial Relations Commission for the period 2004 to 2006 (ARC Linkage Project 2004 -2006)
Professor Andrew Stewart , Prof Sue Richardson, E/Prof Keith Hancock

Caring for Data: Law, Professional Codes and the Negotiation of Confidentiality in Australian Criminological Research (Criminology Research Council 2004)
Professor  Mark Israel , Professor Andrew Stewart , Mr Robert Chalmers, Prof Martin D Schwartz

Food advertising to children: evaluation of diverse regulatory models (ARC Linkage Project 2004-2006)
Assoc Professor Elizabeth Handsley , Mr John Coveney, Ms Kaye Mehta

The Changing Role of the Magistrates Court (ARC - an ARC linkage project grant 2002-2004)
Industry partners are:
Australian Association of Magistrates
Magistrates Court, ACT
Local Court, NSW
Magistrates Court, NT
Magistrates Court, Qld
Magistrates Court, SA
Magistrates Court, Tas
Magistrates Court, Vic
Court of Petty Sessions/Local Court, WA
Professor Kathy Mack and Professor Sharyn Roach Anleu

A Survey of Tenant Incentive Schemes (Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute 2004)
K.Jacobs, T.Seelig, Michele Slatter , H.Easthope, A.Beer

Evictions and Housing Management (Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute 2003)
A. Beer, Michele Slatter , J.Baulderstone, D.Habibis, M.Reynolds

A review of private rental support programmes (Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute 2003)
K. Jacobs, K. Natalier, Michele Slatter , M. Berry, A. Stoakes, T. Seelig, H. Hutchison, S. Greive, P. Phibbs, N. Gurran,

Policing, Security and Good Governance in Colombia (ARC Large, 2000-02)
Professor Andrew Goldsmith