The Disability Action Plan (DAP) articulates the University's commitment to meeting its obligations and responsibilities under the Disability Discrimination Act (1992).  The DAP has detailed strategies to consider ways in which people with disabilities will be assisted in the areas of education, employment and accommodation so that they have an equitable access to these areas of public life.  The DAP also details monitoring and reporting processes.

The University's Disability Action Plan


EHL Faculty Disability Academic Advisors

Ms Jenny Richards
Phone: 82015976
Dr Julie McMillan
Phone:  8201 5748

The Faculty Disability Acacemic Advisor (FDAA) acts as a point of contact for:
  • information for students with disabilities in the Faculty;

  • Health and Counselling service members in seeking to negotiate with academic staff in the Faculty; and

  • academic staff within the Faculty who may need to clarify issues in regard to reasonable adjustments to assessment and teaching methods for students with disabilities.

Disability Liaison Officers (Flinders)

Paula Williams and Toni Crisci
Phone: 8201 2118
TTY: 8201 3242


The University's Disability Liaison Officers provide information regarding assistance for students with disabilities, advocacy on disability issues on behalf of individual students or a number of students and coordination of specific services that enable students with disabilities to access and participate in University study.

Students who require more information can be directed to the University's Health and Counselling.

Assessment and teaching methods for students with disabilities

The Assessment and Teaching (Appendix A, Student related policies and procedures manual) website provides information in relation to:

  • University guidelines for reasonable adjustment to assessment and teaching methods for students with disabilities
  • arrangements for students with disabilities while sitting exams or doing assignments
  • providing advice about facilities and services available to students with disabilities

Inclusive teaching and assessment methods

The Inclusive Teaching website is designed to offer assistance to academic staff in issues of inclusive teaching, such as:

 Inclusive practice at Flinders  The war in Iraq
 Inclusive assessment  Strategies for inclusive issues
 Inclusive curriculum checklist  Examples
 Teaching controversial issues  Resources, links and references
 Inclusive curriculum design  

AVCC Guidelines

Guidelines on information access for students with print disabilities

The Equal Opportunity Unit website contains information about services and support available to staff and students with disabilities.