Dr Tamara Zutlevics, , (BA(hons) Melb, PhD LaTrobe)
Visiting scholar
The Flinders University of South Australia
Sturt Rd., Bedford Park
Adelaide, SA 5042

Ph: (08)8 201 2163
Fax: (08)8 201 2784
Email: Tamara.Zutlevics@flinders.edu.au

Principal Research Interests: Clinical ethics; research ethics; ethical theory; political philosophy

Tamara Zutlevics currently holds the position of Patient Ethicist at the Children, Youth & Women's Health Service, South Australia. She is Chair of the CYWHS Human Research Ethics Committee and Deputy Chair of the Patient Care Ethics Committee. After obtaining her PhD in political and ethical philosophy she lectured in the Philosophy Department at the University of Auckland. She then moved to Flinders University where she taught in the Philosophy Department and the Health Services Management Development Unit until her move in 1998 to King's College London where she held a Teaching Fellowship. She has published broadly in bioethics, political philosophy and ethics. Her publications include

  1. Determining children’s best interests in the face of medical and ethical dilemmas, Proceeding of 13th National Family Law Conference, 2008, pp371-378.

  2. Should ART be offered to HIV serodiscordant and concordant couples: An ethical discussion?, Human Reproduction, Vol 21, No 8, 2006.

  3. The obligation of clinicians to treat unwilling children and young persons: An ethical debate, with Paul Henning, Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health, Vol 41, 2005.

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  8. Markets and the needy: Organ sales or aid?, Journal of Applied Philosophy, Vol 18 (3), 2001 (a), pp301-306.

  9. Libertarianism and personal autonomy, The Southern Journal of Philosophy, Vol XXXIX, No 3, 2001(b), pp461-71.