Topic No. Title  Units
PHIL1010 Mind and World   4.5
PHIL1030 The Individual and Society  4.5
PHIL1060 Critical Reasoning  4.5
PHIL2604 Environmental Philosophy 4.5
PHIL2605 From the point of view of Alexandria  4.5
PHIL2608 Freedom, Law and Society   4.5
PHIL2609 Philosophy and Lierature    4.5
PHIL2610 Truth, Reality and God: Themes from the Philosophy of Religion    4.5
PHIL2611 Breaking the Rules: Opposing Injustice Without Violence    4.5
PHIL2612 Moral Problems  4.5
PHIL3601 Moral Philosophy   4.5
PHIL3602 Knowledge, Truth and Being   4.5
PHIL3603 Understanding Other Minds   4.5
PHIL7701 Philosophy Honours Seminars Part 1   9
PHIL7702 Philosophy Honours Seminars Part 2  9
PHIL7777 Philosophy Honours Thesis   18
PHIL7777A Philosophy Honours Thesis   9
PHIL7777B Philosophy Honours Thesis  9
PHIL7777C Philosophy Honours Thesis  4.5
PHIL9998 Higher Degree Thesis (Master)  
PHIL9999 Higher Degree Thesis (PhD)