Through the Establishment Grant scheme, you may apply for amounts up to $10,000. Please read the  EHL Research Project Funding Rules 2017 (PDF 147KB) before submitting an application.

* Please note that all staff international travel, including the associated Travel Diary, must be submitted online through FlindersPro; for more information please see the Faculty's EHL Travel webpage. *

Establishment Grants are intended primarily to assist new members of University staff (employed on University funds) to establish themselves as independent researchers at Flinders during their first three years of employment, with a view to applying eventually for external funding support. Applicants must have an appointment of three or more years' duration. Staff are not normally entitled to hold a Faculty Establishment Grant and a Faculty Medium or Large Research Project Grant in the same year.

As the purpose of the Establishment Grant is to develop a researcher’s position in their field, the scheme takes a long-term approach to building a researcher’s capacity and profile. Applicants are encouraged to submit a proposed project plan that covers a two-year period; the proposed budget should also be structured across two years. When an application is approved, the first part of the project will be funded, with funding for the second part being released after the successful completion of the outcomes identified in the first part.

Applications for Establishment Grants should be planned in collaboration and consultation with the Associate Dean (Research) of the appropriate School, or with a senior member of staff who is acting as the applicant’s mentor.

Establishment Grants may include funding for:
  • Research Assistance;
  • Research maintenance; and
  • Fieldwork and data collection.
Please note that Time Release is an ineligible item in an Establishment Grant, as it is expected that the workload policy of the AOU will provide new staff with time to establish their research programme; it is advisable to discuss this with your School's Associate Dean (Research) as you prepare your application.

New staff members, employed on University funds, whose appointment is for a term of at least three years are eligible to apply for an Establishment Grant. The following categories of staff are not eligible to apply for an Establishment Grant:
  • new University staff members who are in receipt of substantial research funds from other sources (including Faculty Large and Medium Research Project Grants) unless they can make a case for the need for the projects for which they have been funded to become established at Flinders; and
  • University staff currently enrolled for research higher degrees.

Please see the scheme rules for further details about eligibility.


There is a single annual funding round for Establishment grants: applications are due towards the end of one year in respect of funding to be allocated in the following year(s). Due to the transition to a new academic and professional support structure that will take place on Monday, 1 July 2017, applications for funding support of this kind in 2018 will need to be administered by the new Colleges; more information will be provided by the Colleges as it becomes available.

The application for an Establishment Grant consists of the following documents:
In completing these forms, you may need to consult the ERA 2015 Journal List, and/or information about salary scales and oncosts.

Payment of allocation:

If your application is successful, you will be given an account number through which to access the funds. Transactions are to be processed by EHL Accounts: receipts for reimbursement and enquiries regarding the logistics of accessing your funding should be directed to the EHL Accounts team (Rm. 2.20 Education Building; ext. 15155;


Final Reports will be required on all projects funded by the Faculty at the end of the funding period. Please use the  Research Project Grant report form (DOCX 54KB) to submit your report.

Carry-Forward of Funds:
Establishment Grant funds may be carried forward into the following year where a strong case is presented. If you wish to apply to have your funding carried forward, please use the  carry-forward of 2017 funds form (DOCX 16KB) and the  Research Project Grant report form (DOCX 54KB) to do so.  Carry-forward applications must be received by close of business on the last working day of October each year. For 2016, this date is Monday, 31 October. Please submit them to the Faculty Research Coordinator, c/- the EHL Faculty Office

Please direct queries regarding Establishment Grants to the EHL Research Coordinator.