Before commencing an OSP application, please read the Outside Studies Programme: General Principles (PDF 132KB) . The information on this page should also be read in conjunction with the University Policy on OSP, and with the OSP information provided via the University's Staff website

OSP is coordinated at the School level, and applicants are encouraged to discuss their plans and aspirations for Outside Studies with their School Dean, School ADR, and Head of Department prior to making an application.

Applications for OSP in 2018 (whether for Semester One or Semester Two) are due to be submitted to the Office of your School Dean by close of business on Monday, 15 May 2017. This deadline, which is substantially earlier than the Faculty’s normal end-July deadline, is necessary due to the transition to a new academic and professional support structure that will take place on Monday, 1 July 2017. Your School Dean will review your application and then forward it to the Faculty Office.

OSP is funded to a maximum of $2000. Applicants in balanced roles are permitted to apply for additional Small Research Project or Medium Research Project funding in conjunction with their OSP application, should their project require additional funding. If you plan to apply for additional research project funding in association with your OSP, please note that the research project application should be submitted in conjunction with your OSP application so that they may be considered together.

OSP applications consist of the following documents:

* Please note that all staff international travel, including the associated Travel Diary, must be submitted online through FlindersPro; for more information please see the Faculty's EHL Travel webpage. *


The University policy governing OSP is available here. This policy states that staff must submit a satisfactory report to their supervisor within two months of their return from OSP; the EHL Faculty requests this report within four weeks of return from OSP. Please use the  OSP Report Form (DOCX 54KB) for this purpose, and forward a copy of your completed report to the Research Coordinator, c/- the EHL Faculty Office.

Please note that recipients of OSP funding for international travel are required to submit a travel diary to EHL Accounts within 14 days of their return. For further information and requirements, please contact the EHL Accounts team (Rm. 2.20 Education Building; ext. 15155;

Please direct queries regarding the Outside Studies Programme to the EHL Research Coordinator.