The "Flexibility in Academic Work" policy identifies the predominant academic role at Flinders as being one in which "staff are expected to be active and productive predominantly in high-quality teaching and high-quality research". It is an expectation of the University’s Supervisor Register that all staff who are Principal or Associate Supervisors of Research Higher Degree students will themselves be "research active".

The EHL Faculty has developed a set of guidelines describing our understanding of the minimum expectation for a "research active" member of academic staff who pursues research, along with teaching, on a regular and continuing basis as a major focus of their academic activity. These guidelines have been extensively discussed at both the Executive Dean’s Advisory Committee and the Faculty Research Committee.

EHL Research Active definition (PDF 145KB)
This document may be revised or updated from time to time as appropriate: the current edition appears on this website (please refresh your browser to ensure that you are viewing the most recent edition). This document was most recently circulated to EHL staff on 12 August 2013.