Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



Michelle QUIRK, School of Humanities (Philosophy)
Mental Health

John VILDZIUS, School of Humanities (Theology)
Communication: Theology and Practice

Pooja, CHUGANI, School of Education
(Re)Defining Empowerment: Negotiation Between a Non-Formal Educational Organisation and a Group of Women in Mumbai's Bastis (Slum Communities)

Annette, EASTWOOD, School of Education
Stability and Trainability of Haemoglobin Mass

Carolyn, GREGORIC, School of Education
School-Community Interactions in Two Secondary Schools in Adelaide, South Australia

Michele MCCREA, School of Humanities (English, Creative Writing & Australian Studies)
Creative Writing: Regenerative Voices: Narrative Strategies and Textual Authority in Three Post-Colonial Novels'

George, PANAGOPOULOS, School of Humanities (Modern Greek)
The Evolvement of St. George College In A Transitive P - 12 Educational Environment 1984-2010

William RICHARDSON, School of Humanities (Spanish)
PhD by Published Works: Place-Name Corruption on Early Maps and Charts, and in Early Sailing Directions especially its relevance for solving problems in the History of Cartography

Christine, RUNNEL, School of Humanities (English, Creative Writing & Australian Studies)
Creative Writing: ‘Under the Freeway': A Palimpestuous Relationship

Grazietta, SKRZYPIEC, School of Education
Adolescent Offending Behaviour: An Analysis to Inform a School Based Intervention Using the Theory of Planned Behaviour

Alison, WOTHERSPOON, School of Humanities (Screen and Media)
Creative: From Evidence To Screen: A Model for Producing Educational Content in the Twenty First Century



Tully BARNETT, School of Humanities (English, Creative Writing & Australian Studies)
Our Computers, Our Selves: Representations of Information Technology in Contemporary Literary Fiction

Lisa BENNETT, School of Humanities (English, Creative Writing & Australian Studies)
The Remembered Present: Sites of Cultural Memory in the Islendingasogur

Francesca BOUVET, School of Humanities (Italian)
Continuity and Change: A study of the daily and festive eating habits of a group of post-Second World War Italian migrants in Adelaide, South Australia

Rosemary CANAVAN, School of Humanities (Theology)
Clothing the Body of Christ at Colossae: A Visual Construction of Identify

Reena CAVOURAS, School of Humanities (Modern Greek)
Journey and Recognition in Greek-Australian Literature

Peter GRAVESTOCK, School of Humanities (Screen and Media)
Cutting Action: Appreciating Hong Kong's Wuxia Films through an Analysis of Constructive Editing

Maria HERODOTU, School of Humanities (Modern Greek)
A Voice from the Margins: A Postcolonial Reading of the Greek novel of Cyprus

Simon HOWSON, School of Humanities (Screen and Media)
Hollywood Widescreen Style Cinemascope, Panavision, Techniscope

Jun KIMURA, School of Humanities (Archaeology)
Principles in east Asian Shipbuilding Tradition

Panagiotis KOUKOULAS, School of Humanities (Modern Greek)
The Greek Press of Australia and its Language: Newspaper NEOS KOSMOS

Philip MARSHALL, School of Humanities (Theology)
The Local Church: Identity, Relationships and Purpose: An Exploration of the Communion Theologies of John Zizioulas and Jean-Marie Tillard

Catherine MCKINNON, School of Humanities (Drama)
Creative: Unreliable Narration: The Exploration of a Technique to Destabilize Reliable Narration in Prose, and "I Am Tree": A Novel

Andrew MILLER, School of Humanities (English, Creative Writing & Australian Studies)
Creative Writing: The Postmodern Pedagondage

Julia MILLER, School of Humanities (French)
"Never Judge a Wolf by its Cover" An investigation into the relevance of phrasemes included in advanced learners' dictionaries for learners of English as an additional language in Australia

Christine MULLER, School of Humanities (English, Creative Writing & Australian Studies)
A Glosgow Voice: James Kelman's Literary Language

Tracy SPENCER, School of Humanities (Theology)
Creative: White Lives in a Black Community: The lives of Jim Page and Rebecca Forbes in the Adnyamathanha Community

Paul SUTTON, School of Humanities (English, Creative Writing & Australian Studies)
Mining the Seams: The Metamorphosis of Punning 1590-1750

Graham VAWSER, School of Humanities (Theology)
Spiritual Guidance as Pastoral Care: an examination of the spirituality of Ignatius Loyola and John Wesley and their guidance to people of their own generation as these relate to pastoral care in congregations within the Uniting Church in Australia

Ashleigh WARD, School of Humanities (English, Creative Writing & Australian Studies)
Realising the Dream: The Story of Epic Fantasy

Tanya WITTWER, School of Humanities (Theology)
God's Story is my Story: The application of a narrative epistemology to preaching


Master of Arts (MA)


Paul RASMUSSEN, School of Humanities (Philosophy)
The Ethical Implications of Human Germline Intervention

Master of Laws (LLM)


Christopher NEHMY, School of Law
Food Advertising to Children: Evaluation of Diverse Regulartory Models

Master of Theology (MTh)