Information in this section is important for RHD students at all candidature stages.

For further information during your candidature, see:

Research Higher Degrees (RHD) Policies and Procedures

All RHD candidates must read the Research Higher Degree Policies and Procedures (RHD Policy) as a condition of accepting a place in a RHD program at Flinders University.

The RHD Policy outlines the rules for undertaking a research higher degree at Flinders University including:

  • your responsibilities
  • the responsibilities of your supervisor, school and University
  • candidature progress, details and changes
  • thesis submission and examination, and
  • conciliation procedures. 

All policies relevant to RHD, including those governing Academic Integrity, Research Practice, Intellectual Property and Work Health and Safety are available at the Office of Graduate Research's Guidelines and Policies webpage.

Research Higher Degree Milestones

From 2017, the RHD milestones are:

  • Confirmation of Candidature
  • Mid-Candidature review
  • Final Thesis Review, and
  • Interim Review Report for part-time RHD candidates (to be completed in between the Milestones above, and to be used for all candidates enrolled beyond the final thesis review at 6-monthly intervals).

The EHL RHD Milestones (PDF 171KB) clarify the expectations of RHD candidature progress in this Faculty. It is important to meet the milestones. Progress against the milestones is reviewed regularly and formally in conjunction with supervisors, Postgraduate Coordinators, and members of the Faculty RHD Committee. The Milestone Process - Flowchart (PDF 16KB) provides further information.

RHD candidates and supervisors are responsible for completing the online form and scheduling the milestone assessments with their  Dean of School nominee (PDF 888KB) or PG coordinator. Failure to progress according to the milestones can trigger the process in Section 18. Unsatisfactory Progress in the time-based research component and this can affect enrolment.

For more information, see the Office of Graduate Research RHD Milestones webpage and also the Faculty RHD pages for


The University requires that each candidate has at least a principal supervisor and an associate supervisor (minimum requirements - refer RHD Policy Clause 7.1). If required, you can change your supervisor at any stage of candidature and this should be discussed with the Dean of School’s nominee or Postgraduate Coordinator.

If your supervisor plans to go on extended leave they will inform you, and effective supervision will be arranged for you during their absence.

Forms for Supervisors

Student/Supervisor meeting proforma (DOC 51KB)

Supervision expectations (DOC 49KB)

Research Student Maintenance

Funds are available for printing, photocopying and stationery expenses. Enrolled candidates apply once each year. Funds are carried forward to future years.

How to apply

Apply for one of the options below by completing and submitting the appropriate form according to your enrolment.

  1. Option 1: RHD Unicard with credit for photocopying/ printing in the Library. Full-time candidates: $200/ Part-time candidates: $100.


  1. Option 2: Officeworks voucher. Full-time candidates: $150/ Part-time candidates: $75.

Closing date is 5pm Friday 31 March 2017.

Collect your Unicard or Officeworks voucher from the EHL Accounts Office, Level 2 Education Building (Rm 2.20) two weeks after closing date.

RHD Professional Development Program

A Professional Development Program for Research Higher Degree students is coordinated each semester by the Office of Graduate Research (OGR). It includes training and development tailored to each stage of RHD candidature including international, external and part-time candidatures.

Workshops are free of charge and a variety of support resources, such as DVDs, useful websites, course materials and PowerPoints are on offer.

The OGR also offers a:

Further Information

Your Wellbeing @ University

Flinders University's Health, Counselling, and Disability Services have information and support for your wellbeing while at university.